CRAVE DEATH - Life After Death - The Demonstration (2016) (METALLIC HC/HEAVY HC)

Crave Death are a female fronted band I've wanted to write about for a few weeks. They are from Australia and play a great mix of hardcore fused with death metal. Think of old school dm combined with the rawness and fury of hc punk, culminating in an aggressive no nonsense sound.

Life After Death - The Demonstration is one angry EP. Crave Death are not the fastest paced band, but they make up for it with an incredible raw and grimy sound that has no mercy. They really do crush, and here is the important part, Crave Death incite my excitement to the point where I would like to run around at high speeds with like minded idiots whilst the band play live. Raaaaaa!

I guess to sum up Crave Death, imagine making a mosh meal with ingredients of death metal, old school death metal riffs, hardcore punk, and hardcore vocals stirred together to serve up a powerful tummy buster plate of mosh.

FFO: Metallic HC, Heavy HC, HC, HC Punk, Death Metal, Old School DM.

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