Germany's Acranius interview posted on 1-21-17 done by Patrick

Germany's   Acranius   return  with  their  third  full length release  "Reign Of  Terror"  through  Rising Nemesis Rec.  So  if you  are  a  fan  of  brutal with  some  slam  parts  then  be  sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of  Acraanius   newest release  today.

Interview   with   Acranius   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello   please  introduce  yourself  to the  readers and  when  did you  start  listening to  brutal  death   metal?

Hi, I´m Bj√∂rn, the guitarist of Acranius. First of all thanks a lot for the interview request…we really appreciate your interest in Acranius. I started listening to Brutal Death Metal in the age of 16 or 17 or so. I remember listening to the Waking The Cadaver Demo for the first time. This masterpiece blew me totally away and started the whole thing for me.

2.Who  were   some  the first  bands  you  listened to? And  who  are some  of your  current  favorite  bands in  the  scene today?
In the early days I enjoyed and still enjoy Abominable Putridity, Gorevent, Guttural Engorgement, Waking The Cadaver, Without Remorse, Pathology, Visceral Disgorge, Devourment, Cerebral Incubation, Ingested and other slammy stuff like that. But I really enjoyed straight death metal like Hour of Penance, Unmerciful, Inveracity, Disavowed and Severed Savior and some deathcore stuff like Oceano as well. My taste of music didn´t change that much so I´m still into this stuff and these are bands who influenced my style of writing music but I´m always listening to some good hip hop and hardcore as well.
In the moment I really dig the new stuff of Defeated Sanity, Jesus Piece, Shadow of Intent and Mass Infection. Really cool stuff you have to check if you´re into aggressive music!

3.When  did you  first  meet the  other  members  of the  band  and  who  chose  the  name  of the  band? Does  it  have  a special  meaning?

First of all I have to say that we started Acranius as a 2-man-outfit. My bassist Lars and me wrote the EP “The Echo Of Her Cracking Chest” and after the realese we searched for a singer and a drummer. The first rehearsel with a full line-up was in 2012 I guess. We had some changes in the line-up so we met Rob and Kevin of our current line-up 2,5 years ago.
I think Lars was coming along with the bandname in the beginning of Acranius and I was cool with the sound of the name and the meaning haha. An Acranius is a newborn without a cranial bone. LOL

4.Acranius   is  signed  to  Rising  Nemesis Rec.  the  band  has  worked  with this  label  for  many years  how  did you  all come  in contact  with this   label?
 Yeah I think we are one of the bands who are longest in the roster haha. The first contact was through the internet because Nasar wanted to sign us and the rest is history.
5.Acranius   is  getting  ready to  release  their  third  full length  Reign Of Terror   does the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Mostly I write all Acranius-Shit and so I did for the new record. Lol

6.Who   usually  takes care of  writing the  lyrics  for the  band  and  what  are some  subjects  you  all  wrote  about  on   Reign Of Terror?

For “Reign Of Terror” our old vocalist and good Friend Tomm wrote the lyrics because he´s still close connected with the band and is pretty talented in writing shit.

7.Besides  the  upcoming  release  Reign Of Terror   does  the  band  have  any  of  the  previous  releases  available  for the readers to  buy? Besides  the  physical  releases  does the band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the  fans to  buy?

For sure…check our online store or the store of our label and get some shit.

8.What  have  been  some  of  the  bands  most   memorable  shows  over the  years?And  who  have  been  some  of your  most  favorite  bands to  share the  stage  with?

One of the greatest experiences for me personally were Las Vegas Deathfest and Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands. But honestly I enjoy nearly every show because I can share some great  moments with my best friends and this is something I´m really grateful for.
  There were so many great bands we really enjoyed to share the stage name some there are Cerebral Incubation, Ingested, Science Of Sleep, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled, Candero, Carnal Decay, Slowly Rotten, Unfathomable Ruination, Euphoric Defilement, Iniquitious Deeds, Defeated Sanity and Unmerciful

9.Does    Acranius   have   any  upcoming  shows  or  tours in  support  of the  new  release  and  if  yes  where  are  some  countries  the  band  will  be  playing?

We have some single shows for the future but nothing special and no tour so far planned. When you check our facebookpage you won´t miss anything.

10.Besides  working  and  playing  in  Acranius  do  any  of the  other   members  currently  play  in  any  other bands  if yes  please tell  the readers  a  little  about  them?

Kevin has another Project called Slowly Rotten. Check them out…lovely guys and great music. I have a pretty new project as well called Hang Em High. This is a hardcore/Stoner Project with friends of my hometown.

11.Acranius comes  out  of the  brutal  death  metal  scene  in  Germany   what  is your  opinion  of  the  German death  metal  scene?

The german death metal scene is pretty good I guess. There are a lot of great bands and friendly people. Next to the death metal we also enjoy to be in the beatdown and deathcore scene as well. We see the whole thing as a big family.

12.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  German  bands  and  are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers   should    check  out  soon?
 Ufff this is a tough question but like I already named there are some great german bands like Candero, Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled, Slowly Rotten and Defeated Sanity…there are also some great beatdown bands like Abolisher, Spawn Of Disgust, Brawl Between Enemies,

13.Besides  bands  are  their  any  honest  and reliable  labels  or  distro's  you  could  recommend  to the  readers?

Hm I can´t really answer because I don´t have any contacts to other labels you know?! But I guess there are a lot of other great labels and distros!

14.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you  like to  do  in your  free  time?

When I´m not doing any kind of music I do my studies haha. No no to be honest I enjoy the simple things like hanging with friends, raping my Netflix-account and riding my bike. My second passion is collecting sneakers.

15.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Thanks a lot for having me and keep an eye out for “Reign Of Terror” and keep supporting the underground. Cheers I´m out!
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