Wednesday, 4 January 2017

HELP FUND - The Dark Rift LP Guerrilla Alliance III (UNDERGROUND HIP HOP)

VX: Heaven's Assassin & Mac the Rebel have been releasing underground hip-hop music for over a decade. "Guerrilla Warfare" and "Empire of Fear" LP's were both funded completely out of pocket by the artists.

The Dark Rift is the pinnacle of Planet X Releases featuring some of our favorite artists of all time.

The magnitude of help from contributors is nearly impossible to express, with crowd funding we can achieve the high quality standard of music and videos the fans deserve.

Funding & Perks

The amount we're asking is honestly a middle of the road figure, and less than half of what we've already spent on album production.

Studio fees from:
  • Expert studio engineer Robert Pride has been our sound engineer since before "Guerrilla Warfare" LP here at PXR! With over 20 years in the business he is one of the best.
  • Since we pay $240 per track on average, even for the four singles we'e released so far that's already $960 not including feature verses!
  • Pressing & exclsive Artwork from Orgn will cost $300 + as well as digi release fees
We have some awesome perks!

Both digital & Hardcopies of PXR records as well as sticker/ posters & free swag!
Merchandise perks include: Brand new PXR Bandanas, G.A. T-Shirts, Beanies & more!

Production by Mac the Rebel's "Militiaman Productions", Mac can also be contacted for more beat packages at

If we do not reach our entire goal, funds can still go to album production / release. Music video production, merchandise, promotion or touring budget.

We greatly appreciate our fans, and have gone over and above in the past to provide exclusive merchandise and order packages.

This campaign goes beyond The Dark Rift to supporting PXR as a whole. We have many more releases from new artists coming soon!
  • If you were a fan of our first two albums, then you already know what we are capable of. If you're a new fan donate now and get digital or hard copies of the original releases with you're order!
  • Take a look at the original "Empire of Fear" campaign, will hardly any crowd funding the album was still released in full with amazing quality!
  • Contact VX or Mac the Rebel with any questions you may have about this crowd funding or PXR in general.

Unlike past PXR projects the Dark Rift is nearly complete!

With several singles out already, it is clear we are not starting this album from scratch. That being said, any funding received can help us gain back from distribution fees from the album.
  • PXR is a brand you can trust with over 7 studio mastered albums released already
  • With Studio engineers like Robert Pride & Mac the Rebel we use studio time very efficiently!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute with monetary value, please help us share this campaign on social media!
  • If you have friend's in to underground hip-hop spread the word!
  • Use the share tools here, or spread the link online!
Great thanks from PXR!

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