Herder are a sludge band from the Netherlands with big fat riffs and doses of groove/hard rock weaved into their music. Fergean gets better as you listen with it's intricate atmosphere, which drawing from my movie nerding thoughts and imagination, I could see someone listening to Herder as they traversed a barren landscape. 

One thing that struck me when I listened to Fergean was the mood invested in the LP, which I think demonstrates the patience and time the guys took in creating the music. I'm not sure if they went for a concept album, but Fergean has that feel. I found myself being sucked into their music further and further. Maybe it's because I'm a colossal nerd, and my mind transports my senses to another place, but Herder has that effect on me.

Everlasting Pace and Evasion of Truth were particular strong favorites to catch my ear, but the whole LP is an enjoyable listen.

FFO: atmospheric music, experimental music, sludge, doom, hard rock.

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