Interview with Desecrate The Faith done by Patrick on 1-5-17

Here  is  a  new  interview   done  with  the  Texas  brutal death  metal  band  Desecrate The Faith   who  discuss  the  upcoming  new  cd  which  will  be  released  through  Comatose  Music  in  March   and  other topics so  if you  enjoy  brutal death,slam  then  be  sure  to check  out this  interview  and  pick  the  cd  up  once  it  is  released.

Interview   with  Desecrate  The  Faith    done  by   Patrick

1.Hello please introduce yourself to the readers and how is the new year starting out for you?

I’m Jonathan, I play guitar in Desecrate the faith, and my new started out great with anticipation for the release of this new album!
2.When did you first meet the other members of the band and how did you all choose the name Desecrate The Faith as the name of the band?

I came up with the band name when I met Mike around February 2012, and soon after Coleson found us online searching for a bassist. After a lengthy search for another guitar player, Tyler had moved here from San Diego and fit in very well from the start. After a few years going strong, we had John had fill in last minute for us at for a show, and we decided he was a good fit for the position and decided to ask him to be apart of the band. And we have been together ever since.
3.What is the current line up of the band? And for the readers who have never heard Desecrate The Faith's music how would you best describe it?
John Hull - Vocals
Jonathan Bayliss - Guitar
Tyler Shiery - Guitar
Coleson Cowden - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mike Caputo - Drums
Brutal death metal is how I would choose to describe it. Lots of blast beats along with intricate type riffing followed by tremolo sections. But we use some slammy sections to bring the crowd in for some pit action. We try to add in whatever we can so we are diverse. We also try to harmonize whenever the song needs it.
4. Desecrate The Faith will be releasing their second full length "Unholy Infestation" in March through Comatose Music how did you all come in contact with this great label?
A friend of ours dropped a hint of our music to Steve in hopes he would like it. Turns out he did. I then attended a fest where he was vending at, and I delivered a copy of our demo to him. He contacted us a few weeks later with the good news!! It has been very pleasing working with him, and he has gone to great lengths to help bring this album to life!
5.How long did it take the band to write the music for the new release and does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?
It took a little time to write the record, but we all participated in the writing process. The last few tracks to finalize the album I think are our strongest songs. I know John has put in massive amount of time planning out his vocals on the record and says the lyrical content, followed by his performance on the record are the best he has ever done. Some tracks came together quickly than others, but I believe each track has something to offer every listener of this style of music.
6.Besides the upcoming cd release are there any copies of the bands debut still available if yes where can the readers buy it? Besides the cd releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers?
We still have copies of our debut album Disfigured Arrangement available for purchase from the band. Once the album is released, we will have both albums for sale, 2 shirt designs, as well as stickers. We typically use PayPal for the transaction. Of course, you can go through Comatose Music for the new album and new album artwork shirts once the record is released.
7.What have been some of Desecrate The Faith's most memorable shows over the years? And are their any shows or tours planned for early 2017? Where will the band be playing and who are some bands you all will be sharing the stage with?
Nice to eat you Deathfest in Czech Republic is probably our favorite; New York Death Fest was pretty insane. Building Temples From Death Fest here in Houston is always a winner. We are the process of planning a tour around July. Just to name a few, it looks like we will be playing with Mortal Decay, Guttural Secrete, Goratory, Party Canon and Indecent Excision at Chicago Domination Fest 4!
8.Desecrate The Faith comes out of the brutal death metal scene in Texas what is your opinion of the Texan metal scene?
It’s pretty strong I’d say. We all seem to support each other’s bands and their success. The TXDM scene seems to click very well, and we look after each other when we are out on the town. Traveling with gear can be a pain sometimes, so loaning your amp out at a gig for a traveling friend is not uncommon.
9.Who are your all-time favorite bands from Texas and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
All-time favorite bands is definitely a hard question to answer with there being so many thriving bands out there today. Id is from Austin Texas, along with Flesh Hoarder and Whore of Bethleham. They are good choices. From Houston, there is Oceans of Slumber, Diminished, and Uncleansed. From the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is Primordious and Demonseed, along with Dead Rising and Embalmed. Down close to Mexico, there is Blast Perversion. There are so many active bands in Texas today, it’s hard to name them all.
10.Besides bands are their any good labels or distro's from texas that you could recommend to the readers?
Unfortunately, Ossuary Industries had to shut their doors for reasons beyond control. They helped us release our 1st album Disfigured Arrangement. But if you see their name on a record, or Corpse Gristle, you know it’s going to be a good buy.
11.Besides brutal death metal do any of the members listen to any other underground genres of music?
Of course! Anything thing that’s extreme is pretty much acceptable. From slam, to grind, to progressive, or even melodic. There is so many amazing bands out there today just to stick with one genre. But we have a diverse taste in music amongst us 5.
12.Other then music we are huge movie fans here do you enjoy watching movies? What are some of your all-time favorite movies?
I’m a BIG gangster movie fan!! Goodfellas. Casino. Donnie Brasco. And spy type movies like Body of Lies or Jason Bourne.  
13.Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
Robert DeNiro. Al Pachino. Matt Damon. Jack Nicholson. Leonardo DiCaprio. So many I’m not listing.
14.Besides working in Desecrate The Faith do any of the members currently play in any other bands?
John has Sadistic Butchering, Coleson plays in a country band called The Phillip Griffin Band. Mike has been known to fill in for Diminished.
15.When not working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Golf, UFC fight nights, hanging with our ladies, bbqing, drinking beers, hanging with friends. Trying to cause some trouble here and there.  Living the good life!!
16.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?
Please spread the word of our band Desecrate the Faith. We appreciate everyone who has supported this band through its near 5 year journey. We look forward to meeting new people, visiting new places and seeing new things.
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