Queensway are a Baltimore hardcore/metalcore band who just released their full length LP 'Swift Minds of The Darkside'.

Interesting introduction to the LP with a famous sample from a horror movie or something, but yet I don't know where from lol. I do like the start of the LP, the riffs soon follow the sample and pick up pace to be joined by the hardcore vocals. I'm liking what I hear so far, and this is chunky metalcore/hardcore with strong riffs. 

Monstrous breakdowns with Fuel for the Darkest Man, I liked the track, but I would prefer the faster parts maintained, but it is personal preference. It's good and heavy, and if you gravitate towards breakdowns with slower thunderous riffs, then you will love this track. Swift Minds of The Darkside continues this approach for the remaining tracks with an enjoyable solid LP. The music is in time and the vocals flow nicely, but I wanted to hear more faster mosh parts, which in my opinion would finish off the LP nicely with a finer balance. 

Overall, a heavy release with powerful riffs and breakdowns.

FFO: Metallic HC, Hardcore, Metalcore.

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