Monday, 23 January 2017


Hey all, I've made it no secret how badly the radio shows are struggling with support, and I'm trying every idea possible to enable the shows to remain DIY. I'd only consider a station if Brutal Existence Radio in some form returned or something that closely matched the former station existed somewhere. The new format changes have made little difference, and I'm now contemplating other ideas if they can help. 

I'd appreciate any feedback.

* Separating the punk and metal into individual shows on different days.

* Following from the above. Maybe a 2-3hr punk show on a Friday & a metal show on Saturday's 4-7pm EST/9pm-12am UK

* New names for each show? Silly or serious names? Silly titles would reflect the humor I do in the shows. For example, 'Haunted Trash Can Bags'.

* Using the Ancient Visionz name for the punk and metal shows?


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