I'm thinking of posting pics of CDs I receive from bands/artists to play on the shows and review. I think if writing a review or a promo post it would add something substantial. Of course, I can only do this with CDs I receive or buy, but I could post silly pics of me pointing to the CDs and stuff lol. 

I'm waiting on the CD from Brutal DM band Invasion, then I can share a few pics of the CD to go with the review. Food for thought.
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Gaz Visionz is a writer and Internet Radio DJ with the punk/metal show 'The Wastelands'. He is also a YouTube podcaster/creator, host of Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, co-host of Paradigm Radio with Planet X Films, and a passionate fan of hardcore punk, metal, underground hip hop, movies, science-fiction, comics, and indie film.
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