Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Father The Gun and The Holy Ghost / Preacher Six Development Funding (INDIE FILM)

A line of Preacher Six shirts has been released to help generate funds towards the development of the film. I interviewed lead actor Kyle Hester on Paradigm Radio back in the summer of 2016, and the whole concept sounds awesome. Indie film is just as underground as music, and faces the same pitfalls regarding funding and support. 


We are independent film makers looking to bring you a new hero. You like blood, we like blood. You like horror, we like horror. You want to see the dark side on its knees, well, here's proof that it can happen. Wear our "The Father The Gun The Holy Ghost shirt that says you are on TEAM PREACHER SIX!!

Take a photo of yourself wearing the shirt and send it to us and we will put you on the Preacher Six Army page of our website!

Each and every shirt purchase will go to the development and creation of this film. We are not a studio film. This film is for us...... The Fans!!! Please support and get your shirt today!

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