Traces of War play thrash metal influenced by the classic origins of the genre. Fast, direct, raw, and played with an unpolluted approach, which retains the aggression within the music. I'd skate to these guys and happily circle pit to them. There are solos present, but they aren't over done to take the speed and heaviness away from the sound. In-fact the solos are played fast with a no nonsense style. Simply put, Traces of War are pure thrash. 

Go listen to these guys if you enjoy stripped down raw thrash with minimal polish. 


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Gaz Visionz is a writer and Internet Radio DJ with the punk/metal show 'The Wastelands'. He is also a YouTube podcaster/creator, host of Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, co-host of Paradigm Radio with Planet X Films, and a passionate fan of hardcore punk, metal, underground hip hop, movies, science-fiction, comics, and indie film.
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