Last weekend I watched the latest chapter in the Underworld franchise with fairly optimistic expectations despite the previous outing in the series, which was beyond bad.

Let me jump straight into this like a raging lycan fed up of being bested by pompous theatre cast offs from Dracula does death rock. The first 3 movies were good, but the franchise has simply gone under. The underworld is where any subsequent Underworld movies need to stay. I'll skim over the story with a general outline, and leave the rest for the movie theatre if you wish to see it.

 The movie opens with vampire covens greatly reduced in power and facing another new threatening lycan leader called Marius. He has united all the hairy beasts together to destroy the vampires once and for all. The lycans are also searching for the hybrid child of Selene and Michael (the hybrid from the earlier films) to acquire her blood for the advancement of their species.

 The vampires are seeking a way to hold back the lycan hordes and maintain their position of power, but are faced with severe problems, inexperienced troops, low numbers, and death dealers reduced to almost noob levels.

Selene (original death dealer) is on the run and trying to remain incognito from the politics of vampires and lycans, whilst respecting her hybrid's daughter's wishes to leave her alone.

Plot wise, that is pretty much it and the acts are quite threadbare on screen. Selene reluctantly agrees to help train new death dealers, which is followed by the usual betrayals with vampires turning on each other. 

Selene journeys to a Nordic vampire coven, one of the last remaining strongholds, located to the far north in an extremely cold climate. Upon her arrival she is greeted by white haired, and whiter than white vampires appearing to resemble a long lost line of vampire snow elves. They hold the power to move with great speed and kinda phase from one space to another. The vampire snow elf type creatures looked ridiculous, and the movie was made cheesier by their introduction and involvement. Selene later learns their power, and uses it to best a lycan horde in the final act.

The battle scene during the last act is lack luster, and I think someone should of called the Predator to ask if he was free on his day off, so he could show them how it's done.

 Underworld Blood Wars is not the worst movie, but poor, thin, predictable, and displaying signs of a dragged out franchise. Underworld has long run it's course, and needs to stay under.


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