SVORDOM - För dom som är ensamma (D-Beat/Crust, 2017)

Submission and repost from Svordom, I'll be featuring them on The Wastelands tomorrow. 

Svordom bio:
Crustified D-beat band with swedish lyrics.

Svordom is a hardcore punk band from Turku, Finland. Formed in 2014 and since been active in studios (three releases) and on gigs (about 20 gigs).

The newest ep is called "För dom som är ensamma" (translation "For those who are lonely"). Released in Feb '17 on audio tape and cdr. 

All records are available for free download at Bandcamp.

För dom som är ensamma:
1. Vräker mig själv 01:53
2. Snabb död 01:20
3. En dag i Homs 01:55
4. Ovän 01:46
5. Snutjävel 01:28
6. Blodet kokar 01:32
7. All you fascists are bound to lose (cover) 02:03


Sebastian - vocals

Joakim - guitars, backing vox
Sami - bass
Markus - drums 

Youtube:  (Poltetaan Patria-song, live @ Baari, Turku, Fi, Jan 2017)  (En dag i Homs-song, live @ Baari, Turku, Fi, Jan 2017)  (Snutjävel-song, live @ Klustermus, Rauma, Fi, Jun 2016)  (Förstörd värld-song, live @ Klustermus, Rauma, Fi, Jun 2016)


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