Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hey all, just a heads up about some new changes coming to the site. I'm looking at a few designs that I may use to help the site appear closer to metal, punk, and real hip hop, or I may leave the banner as it is. I shall still share my random nerdings on movies and comics from time to time, but the site is returning to focus on our main love, which is music.

The recent break without the Internet and PC, allowed me to fully recharge and assess the site. I'm also confident that it was the right decision to separate the shows into individual metal and punk shows again. I shall be remaining DIY with my shows unless something emerges that is like Brutal Existence Radio, but myself, Metal Mark, and Jonny from BER are all still active with our shows, and upholding the DIY spirit.

 There are a few areas to update on the site with new information, but I've got 100 plus promos to navigate through atm, so it may take some time. 

See you all this weekend on The Wastelands and Ancient Visionz. \m/ 1.


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