Interview w/ Hollow, by Ancient Visionz

1. Can you tell the readers why you changed your name to Hollow?

 We're a different band than Hollow Heart. We've changed our members, changed our sound, and overall we've changed our whole approach. We've matured as musicians and we needed a name to fit that. Plus it's a little more memorable.

2. How long did it take to the write the new album?

Way too long! I'd say it roughly took about two years. We spent part of that time trying to figure out our sound and the direction that we wanted to take as a band.

3. Is it just one member that works on the writing process or a collective effort?

It's definitely a collective effort. Our bassist, John, comes to us with raw demos or riffs and we'll sit down together and work off one another. Even for things like lyrics we like to bounce them off one another.

4. What did you enjoy the most about writing the new album?

My personal favorite is writing the vocal patterns. (Shocker right?) I think it's a blast finding new and creative ways I can use my vocals. For instance, the fast screaming sections in our song Anomaly.

5. What themes and concepts does 'Home Is Not Where The Heart Is' explore? Why did you all feel as a band you wanted to discuss them on the new album?

We have a few different themes for this album, which is interesting because we originally had plans for a concept album in the beginning of our writing process. We talk about things that are important to us though. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but we really dug deep and thought hard about these lyrics. They aren't your typical "I hate my ex girlfriend" metal lyrics or anything.

6. Do you plan to build upon them for the next album?

 No promises on that, but I for one hope we're able to keep the world we created in our song Anomaly going. I personally like concept driven lyrics in that song. One thing I can definitely promise though is that we wont even lose the aggression from this album. If anything there will be more of it in the future.

7.How long did it take you all to come up with the name for the album?

Not long at all. Home Is Not Where The Heart Is has a few different meanings. Honestly it's probably a different meaning for each member. For me personally, it means exactly what it says. My heart isn't at home. It's on the road, touring.

8. The art for the new album cover appears to depicts a dark deathly figure. I can also see ravens in the background, which add to the sinister feel as they are famous for representing bad omens. The figure is also wearing the American flag on the lower half of his torso.

What inspired the image, and how long did it take the band to decide upon the final image?

The American flag is tattered and torn and to us the figure represents someone that tore the flag apart. It's depicting things like greed, hate, and anger. All of those things come through in that image, and honestly as soon as we saw the image we knew we loved it.

9. Do you have any forthcoming tours to support the new album?

We have a few shows lined up right now. Expect a tour for the album sometime either this summer or fall.

10. Reading your bio, I can see that the band believes in a strong bond between yourselves and fans. Why do you feel this is important, and do you think bands/artists do this enough?

Fans are everything to us as a band. Without our fans we wouldn't be anything. We try our best to respond to everyone and we are always down to hang and chat after shows. We'll never lose that bond. I can't say for sure whether other bands like to maintain that bond or not, but I can say that regardless of what other bands do, we'll always love our fans.

11. Which is your favorite track from the new album or means the most to you?

My favorite track is probably American Dream. I love the lyrics and the anger that comes through in that song.

12. What 3 things would you like fans to take away from listening to the new album?

Really all we want people to take away from the record is that it's okay to be pissed about things. You don't have to bottle it up, there's a positive way to deal with that stuff. We want people to enjoy the music, yeah, but there's definitely more to it.

Ancient Visionz: Thank you for taking the time to do the interview guys and I wish all the best with the new album!

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