Friday, 21 April 2017


Hey all, hope you enjoyed a good Easter and the weekend is starting well! As many of you know, myself and ex Brutal Existence Radio djs kept our shows on air, but on a diy basis. I still network and closely work with my friends such as Metal Mark. I recently thought about trying a station for Ancient Visionz, and thought well why not? We can only give it a go as people say. I contacted Canada's Extreme Metal Radio who are very open with genres. I can play everything from underground metal/rock to underground punk/hc, which is awesome.

  The station reminds me of Brutal Existence Radio with genres available to play, and so after chatting to the team we all agreed for Ancient Visionz to join the station. Ancient Visionz remains pretty much the same, just with punk/hc available to be mixed into the sets, so there is freedom to continue forward with a diverse show, which I've always tried to make one of the hallmarks of Ancient Visionz. I guess think the same show with punk/hc sometimes mixed into the fold and the usual silly skits, hyper Saxon jacket shout outs for Metal Mark, promotions for friends/bands, and usual promos played on the show. 

  For those who don't know of Ancient Visionz or any of my past shows on Brutal Existence Radio, I play: death metal, thrash, doom, stoner rock, desert rock, sludge, blues, hc punk, grindcore, crust, d-beat, traditional heavy metal, metallic hc.

  So join me tomorrow from 3pm-7pm EST (US)/8pm-12am UK for the usual silliness, mosh work outs, and poorly voiced characters on air such as Captain Midnight Mosh.


To listen to Canada's Extreme Metal Radio, and join the djs in the chat, just go to this link:
I'll also be in the old Brutal Existence Rado chat dropping the link for CEMR into the chat for people to check out Canada's Extreme Metal Radio! 

Old Brutal Existence Radio Chat:

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