If you have ever listened to any of the shows I do presently, or any of my old shows, then you will be no stranger to Bloodstrike. They have been a part of my radio shows since the demo 'Necrobirth' was released in 2014. Whether punk/metal, I’ve featured them due to the direct straight up and raw feel the band embody. A concept, which usually translates well into various scenes within punk and metal.

  Holly’s vocals are very on point with a nice timed delivery matching the tone of the album, and transitioning with the music nicely. The drumming is solid and so are the guitars. I said a long time ago when I was playing their music on the shows that they were one of the new stand out bands, and they would appeal to both people in metal and punk due to the raw unfiltered nature of Bloodstrike’s sound. It pretty much still applies in my opinion, but thankfully we do now have a solid roster of bands playing old school dm or death metal, which is straight to the point with a primal fury. 

  What ‘In Death We Rot’ says to me is get the work out clothes on, and run around in circles moshing to the music to the point where you smell like an unwashed sweaty beast that has been let loose to clear shopping queues with his arm pits of doom.

  Imagine you are in one of those old school horror movies shown on TV with zombies and smelly things starting to rise up out of the graves to come get you. Bloodstrike are the soundtrack as those creatures come closer and closer. Something unclean that is heading directly towards you, grabbing your attention with their death metal music of finely crafted rot. I obviously mean this in a good way. I’m wanting to stress that if you are looking for a band that are straight to the point with good all round solid doses of mosh ranging from drums, vocals, guitars, pace, rhythm, then I’d highly recommend purchasing a copy of In Death We Rot. Everything is on offer here with 'In Death We Rot', and they are honestly one of the best bands to emerge in recent years alongside many more.

 Turn it up loud and prepare to smell like a sweaty at a Jedi conference as you hear Bloodstrike.

Bloodstrike web links:

Bloodstrike lineup

Holly Wedel – vocals

Jeff Alexis – guitars

Joe Piker – guitars

Rhiannon Wisniewski – bass

Ryan Alexander Bloom

Bloodstrike bio
The idea for the punishing old school death metal assault that would become Bloodstrike was first conceived by vocalist Holly Wedel (ex-Nexhymn) and guitarist Jeff Alexis (ex-Silencer) in 2013. They recruited Joe Piker (ex-Dripfed) on guitar, Ryan Alexander Bloom (ex-Havok) on drums, and Rhiannon Wisniewski (Moth, ex-Somnus) on bass to round out the band and began developing a collection of massive riffs and crushing arrangements.  Bloodstrike’s veteran lineup exploded onto the Denver metal scene in June of 2014 with their three-track Necrobirth demo. The demo gained instant popularity with the death metal underground and drew comparisons to bands like Bolt Thrower and Entombed for both its ear-catching simplicity and blood-curdling heaviness. Impressed by the success of the demo and the work ethic of the band members, Redefining Darkness Records signed Bloodstrike to its roster in September of 2015 and quickly released their debut album In Death We Rot.  Bolstered by their new label affiliation and armed with a precise blend of 90’s death and roll groove and modern death metal aggression, Bloodstrike is ready to expand their dominion to national and international audiences.
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