Metal Reviews Done On 4-30-17


Hope  everyone  had  a  good  weekend  or  week? Here  are  a  few  new  reviews  this time  it  is  mainly thrash  with  a  few other  genres  mixed in.



Loathfinder--The Great Tired Ones  Mcd  {Godz Ov  War  Prod.}

Loathfinder   are a  new band  who  come  out  of  Poland's  blackend  doom  scene.Combing heavy and  slow  guitar  patterns.The  guitarist  can  also  write  and  play  some  good mid paced  guitar  patterns  and even  adds some  well  written  guitar  solo's  throughout  the  songs.The  vocals  are  raw talking,whispering type  of vocals  mixed with  some lower  death  metal  growls.If you  are  a  fan  of  well  written  and  performed  blackend doom  with  elements of death metal entertwined then  be sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of    The Great Tired Ones.
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Scars  Of  Tears--Just  Dust  cd  {SlipTrick  Rec.}

Greece's  Scars  Of  Tears are  back  with  their  second  full length release  mixing  atmospheric metal,rock  and even  elements  of goth together.The  music  is  well  written  and  performed  with a  variety  of  styles  that really  fit  well together.The  guitars  are  played  mainly  in  the  mid paced  range with  some  very  well  written  and performed  guitar  patterns.The  vocals  are  mix  of  both  clean  and  some  growls mixed in a few of the songs  and their  is  also  some  very  well  done female  vocals  that really  work  with  the  music  and  the  male  vocals.If  you  are  a  fan  of  atmospheric metal,rock  then  be  sure to  check  out  Scars  Of  Tears newest  release  today.
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Soulskinner---Descent  To  Abaddon  cd  {Xtreem Music}

Returning  with their  fourth  full length  is  Greece's  death  metal  maniacs  Soulskinner.The  band  plays  a form  of  fast aggressive death metal mixed with  some  mid paced  heavier music mixed into a few of the songs. The  guitarist  knows  how  to  write  and  play  the  instrument  whether he  is  playing  extremely fast patterns or  a more  controlled mid paced  guitar  tone.The  vocals  are  deep death  growls  that  really work  with  the bands music.If you  are  a  fan  of  Soulskinner's  past  releases  you  will  defintly  want to  buy this  one  as  it  is  just  as  good  as their  previous  release.
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Terrifier--Weapons  Of Thrash  Destruction   cd {Test Your Metal Rec.}

Canada's  thrash metal  kings  Terrifier  are  back  with their  second full length  release featuring  nine  songs  of  aggressive  and  violent  thrash  metal.The  guitars  are  played with crazed  and fast  riffs and  patterns that  really  fit  Terrifier's  sound.The  guitars  are  not  all fast  and crazed as their  are  some very  well  written  and performed  mid paced  passages  and  even  some  well  written  solo's  mixed into the  music.The  drumming  is  precise  and executed  with  both  extremely fast  drumming and  some  slower mid paced  drum  patterns.The  vocals are  raw  thrashy  screams  that  are done with  a lot  of  power.If you  are  a  fan  of  the early  years  of  aggressive and  violent  thrash metal  then  do yourself  a favor  and  buy  a  copy  of    Weapons  Of Thrash  Destruction   today.
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