1. What sci-fi inspired Enders Door?

Well, each of our albums is a continuation from the last.  We technically just finished our first trilogy and our story is created purely from scratch.  There are a lot of familiar elements to other stories but ours truly focuses on science fantasy. Each album gets more refined.  The first album explores the lore of origin of the multiverse form the perspective of the inhabitants.  There is a grand war that sets the stage for the events to come.  The second album takes place during the first albums events. Enders Door is a far more personal journey. If you take Prometheus, Heavy Metal "the movie', Legend "with Tim Curry," and mixed that with Bram Stokers Dracula and the video game Mass Effect then somewhere in the middle exist the feel of this story.  There is a lot 1980's fantasy film inspiration. 

2. How long did it take to record the album, as it is very complex?

Since we produce everything ourselves it can take quite a bit of time.  Due to our local economy and lack of resources, we have learned to be resourceful though it tends to take a bit more time.  We first write the story concept which took a few months.  Each chapter is then broken into a song concept, and then begins the actual composing. Each song is written unique to itself. Our drummer and keyboardist might write a score composition then metal is overplayed, or our guitarist may bring in a riff that harmonizes with the story concept.  But each song is tailored to the story and this can take time which is a far more complicated process than how a lot of other bands write. 

3. How long did the writing take? 

Well the story has transformed from the original story which has been re-inventing itself for the last fifteen years, but the cannon which is our "mulitverse" has been going strong from the last 7 years.  Our drummer Nassaru had laid the foundation for the story and the band as a whole builds upon this foundation. For the last album it was a lot quicker due to already having a formula and thus time was mostly invested into which direction and characters to develop.  So in short, it took about 3 months to get the story to a writable state and was built over 6 months. 

4. Do you write the story as a whole, then develop the music to go with each part?

Yes, the story is written before we write the music.  Writing with us is like writing out an opera. 

5. What can you tell us about the Avomenian Empire and what inspired their creation?

Well the Avomenian Empire is to establish a human perspective on the events at hand.  This is the apex of sentient empires, a galactic anthropological view point into the vast species and the documentation of events that help put the hierarchy and physics of the mulitiverse in perspective.  In real life, alien life forms could use a language or act a way that is so foreign to us that it would be unrecognizable.

You see, there are beings with abilities that transcend normal "time bound" species. These beings exist on a frequency much different than ours and for that they can be referred to as "gods" by some.  They decisions greatly affect how life propagates in this bio-centrist universe.  These beings for semantic sake are called the "Atai."  Our music explores their endeavors and the complications that some of the characters who come into contact with them experience. 

6. How long did it take to think of the names for the characters and planets?

Well, weirdly we actually have languages.  Many of the languages have a Mesopotamian familiarity similar to Sumerian as well as Japanese linguistic structures.  So we try and develop names unique to the time period and region of our story.  But the names evolve throughout the story. 

7. What influenced the idea for the planet Vaath? 

Vaath is originally the highlight battle of the first album.  This is where the Ataien leader "Sainath" was betrayed by his created daughter Eishar as she stabbed the elder Atai "Eyu-na" through the eye (which was the first righteous elder to be slain since the  origin of this dimension), revealing that she was the betrayer.  On Vaath, there existed what was called the "Black Artifact." which was the map to where the antagonist "Soyumoth" was imprisoned.  The Vaathians, being a mortal empire was trusted with the map due to their unflinching loyalty to the endeavors of the Atai (the maps location was to be a secret) but Sainath would have never expected his own created "hand of war" Eishar to be loyal to Soyumoth's will, to erase organic life.  

Two albums later, the main character "Eryos" begins his journey on this planet recovering an artifact left over from the war that ensued on the planet.  So, we wanted to tie in the events of the first album to the third.

8. Who is your favorite character from Enders Door?

That would be a hard question.  Some of us embody the ideologies and complications of the character "Eryos," some enjoy the mystery of the Dreth and the character Arkgen. Eishar as dark and destructive as she can be, this whole story explores her internal nature which many people could relate to. Most of our characters are derived from experiences and people we know. The character Natarym was developed after our drummer’s brother.  So we cannot pin point a favorite character. 

9. Favorite tracks from the album?

All of them ha!  We take time with each song to make each chapter a full music epic.  Were not fans of "filler" songs just to crank out an album? 

10. When do you start writing on the next album?

We have already been playing with ideas.  We start writing almost as soon as we are done with the next. 

11. When I was watching the video for your single it looked like a stage play with a set to metal soundtrack. Is this what it is like when people see you perform live?

Yes, we are developing more and more a stage show to represent the story. I think everyone will experience something rather unique for this album live. Aliens, blood, armor, and even acting.

12. Do you plan any sequels to follow up the story with Enders Doors?

That is the real question.  Do we continue with a whole new story within our lore or do we continue from where Enders Door ends.  The end of the story presents a whole story in itself not to mention a plot twist that does exist but it is hidden.  The more we can appeal to our listeners and get more interaction with the story; the most people will find out that there is twist and connections in abundance.  Maybe the fans can help us decide for the next album.  We would love to do a fan "choice" story and album wrote by the fans.  

13. What do you hope listeners take from the album when they listen to it?

We have ingrained in our stories peoples journey.  We want to help people escape into a new world while helping them find truth and coping strategies in themselves. 

14. Why do you think we haven't seen Hollywood embrace metal for soundtracks with sci-fi? Indie film differs in this respect, but I've always thought it would fit so well. Do you have any opinions on this and do you think it would change if someone was brave enough to do this in major film?

Well we would only have a perspective answer.  Metal is has its natural associations.  A lot of people see metal as barbaric (which is ok).  People believe we sit around sacrificing goats and eating llamas and babies (which is true for our technician and merch guy). We believe this deters producers due to stereotype.  Hollywood is stagnant right now; remaking movie after movie and right here in the metal scene is a plethora of new ideas to make movies. 

15. Do you think Netflix would possibly open its shows for bands such as yourselves to submit for sci-fi dramas/series?

I don't think they would but this is where we would love to be.  We are new age bards, creating and expressing stories in auditory format.  This is the industry in which we are aiming to become more a part of.

16. Obviously you guys are sci-fi fans, do you all do the same as me when you hear music and think ‘oh man this would be rad on this particular movie, or it would be ideal for a sci-fi soundtrack?’

Oh yes! Most symphonic metal, black metal, folk metal, and progressive metal really portray an atmosphere that feels like it should be a movie in itself. 

17. Favorite sci-fi movies?

Legend "the one with Tim Curry", Aliens, Star Wars, Heavy Metal "the movie", Tron, Star Wars, Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien, and Dune.  Ok, one of our members likes Star Trek but we will have a meeting with him after this. 

18. Favorite sci-fi tv series or any you would like to recommend?

The remake of West World was rather good (opinion of course).  Not as many series that do it for us though. 

19. Favorite sci-fi books?

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, Dune, The Wayfarer Redemption, and The Dark Tower to list a few. 

20. Favorite comics?

Marvel in general and of course Darkhorse comics.  Too many to list!

21. Favorite sci-fi games?

Mass Effect series, Knights of the Old Republic (the originals), Halo (1-3), and Dead Space.

22. I own a light saber, I wave it around sometimes thinking I'm a Sith or a Jedi on my radio show. Do you guys own any light sabers, and yes I'm a silly person.

Our drummer thinks our guitar players is a light-saber and waves them around!  We live in the south, we try and make light sabers from hairspray and a lighter which is why some us cannot grow arm hair, or beards. 

23. What do you all enjoy about playing in a band that encompasses so many different genres with a definite cinematic feel?

(Being Theatrical) It allows us to take off our social mask and to embody who we feel we truly are.  This also gives us the ability to step into other characters experiences which instills compassion and pliability in understanding the roots which people come from. 

It is also the merging of two worlds.  Our imagination in harmony with our primordial love of metal. When metal first came out it was rebellious and it had a journey about it.  With Dio and Iron Maiden, there was a whole environment they projected.  This still roots in our endeavors. 

24. What various comparisons have people made after hearing your previous album Exile?

Well so far, people like the change. The change in members brought a change in the feel.  We are far more diverse and far more involved.  People believe this album is far more emotion driven as the Exile was hard hitting.

25. What other sci-fi themes would you like to explore with future music?

Well, we have a lot of references to beings with supernatural abilities and a lot of organic life forms.  We could tackle synthetic life and the conflicts that will arise.

26. Are you interested in the multi-verse theory?

Absolutely, our entire story is built upon this. We are science nuts with our drummer even having two degrees in science (Bachelors and Graduate).  So we like to explore the newest discoveries in science and use them as a way to explore our beliefs and advances within the story.  A lot of M-theory/string theory references.

27. Favorite concept albums/music?

Corpses Sink Forever- Carach Angren

Operation Mindcrime- Queensryche

Ziltoid the Omniscient -Devin Townsend

Planetary Duality - The Faceless

28. Who is the biggest sci-fi nerd in the band? 

I think we are rather equal in one way or another.  I can tell you who is not, and that is our god-forsaken merch guy!

29. Are you all fans of metal or is it a coming together of different artists/musicians?

We have a lot of preferential input as far as music taste.  Metal, classical, psychill, ambient, folk, 80's pop, and goth.

30. Are guys also fan of the streampunk genre?

Well apparently our drummer wife is but we are not against it.  I think we have not explored it as much as other genre's.  We are more so apocalyptic- punk.

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