Gravewards - Subconscious Lobotomy

 Gravewards are from Athens, Greece, and recorded Subconscious Lobotomy at Made In Hell Studios. With that title, I think we know what to expect from the band. Think of Autopsy's vocals fused with the sound of Bolt Thrower would be a safe starting to point to describe Gravewards.

  The speed is mid paced, but it is grimy enough for my punk side to enjoy the EP. I guess to put a delightful image in your mind, imagine mosh in a sewer played by a group of musicians floating down the quaint unclean stream. It is that level of stench combined with sheer unfiltered death metal. Expanding the nerdom further, imagine the band then leaving the sewer to appear in a graveyard to play to a group of the undead who have just woke up and are slowly starting to flail their limbs around to the metal. 

  Sweaty smelly metal is always good as it retains a rawness to its soul, which Gravewards employ nicely on Subconscious Lobotomy. I'd like them to be a bit faster for my own tastes as this would ramp up the mosh to a greater level, but it is a solid EP. Fans of old school dm and death/doom will appreciate and enjoy Subconscious Lobotomy. 

  Overall Graveward's debut EP 'Subconscious Lobotomy' is a strong EP, which also showcases a strong DIY spirit within the sound and offers classic unfiltered old school death metal that speaks to the senses. 


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