Track List:
  1. Hogan's Goat - Rat Boy (3:59)
  2. Hogan's Goat - Pennymade (3:20)
  3. Hogan's Goat - Shit Kicker (4:35)
  4. Hogan's Goat - Annie Off The Rails (3:40)
  5. Hogan's Goat - Over the Palisade (3:58)
  6. Hogan's Goat - If I'm Dead (4:47)
  7. Hogan's Goat - John Doe (4:35)
  8. Hogan's Goat - Jack and Jill (3:32)
  9. Hogan's Goat - Elkhorn Mountain (3:48)
  10. Hogan's Goat - Drinkin' With The Priest (4:39)

 Peace all, so I'm going to write this review from the heart and hopefully it conveys the feelings that went through my mind as I heard Hogan's Goat. I was in the middle of writing several interviews for a PR company that send me various promos for the radio show and site. I reached Hogan's Goat on the list and began writing their interview. When I was listening to Hogan's Goat I had to stop writing. I soon became pretty pumped up, which is why I decided to stop writing anymore interviews, and go straight to a review for Hogan's Goat. This fact is testament to Hogan's Goat's music.

    This is damn solid rad killer grit. In-fact lets nerd. Anyone enjoying Robert Redford's Wild West on the history channel? Go start an episode, mute the sound, then play Hogan's Goat, and man it flows so well. I'm an all round nerd, I just loose myself when I hear music I like whether punk, metal or anything else. Where do I start with Hogan's Goat? I guess trying to stop nerding would be a good start, but man, just man. 

  Ok genre name dropping. Ever wanted to hear a band do everything from: desert rock, stoner rock, hard rock, blues, outlaw country, southern rock n roll, prog, classic rock, traditional heavy metal, and more? Pretty much all of those are contained within Hogan's Goat self titled LP. 

  I think the members just decided to play what they all enjoy and craft a finely toned sound as a result. It is a refreshing listen and extremely enjoyable to hear so many different influences on Hogan's Goat self titled LP.

  The vocals are strong and distinguishable, flowing with the guitars and drums to a fine precision, aligning to form a memorable piece of music for the listener. Considering Hogan's Goat have only been around since 2014, its one awesome debut, and they are currently unsigned, which will change very soon. 

  The best way to experience Hogan's Goat is to give the band a chance and listen. Hogan's Goat does not disappoint. The opening track Ratboy is strong and the LP follows through with many notable songs such as Shit Kicker, Annie Off The Rails, Elkhorn Mountain, Drinkin' With The Priest, Pennymade, and yes in-other words, the whole album. The songs are full of energy and embody a rawness that challenges you not to remain still. It is an experience you can totally immerse yourself with, and it is just really good music with soul. I'm already eager to see what they do next. Awesome work guys. 

Please support the band below at the following links. 


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