New metal reviews done on 7-29-17

Paralysis--Life  Sentence  digital  release  {Self-Released}
New  Jersey's Paralysis deliever  their  debut  full length featuring  ten  tracks  of  aggressive thrash metal.The  vocals  are  a  mix of  old school gruff death metal growls mixed  with screams similar to  the  early  years  of thrash.The  guitarist  knows  how to  write  and create  some memorable  guitar  patterns and  riffs.The  guitarist  does play  a mix of  going from  a  an  all out  assult of  fast thrashing  riffs to  a more  controlled  slower mid paced  style.If  you  are  a  fan  of the  early eighties U.S thrash  scene  then  defintly  give  Paralysis  a  listen today.
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Pathology--Pathology cd {Comatose  Music}
California's  Pathology  return  with  their  ninth  full length  release  to date.For  those unfamiliar  with Pathology's  style  it is heavy,slam brutal death metal and this is a  great  band  and release for  all those  who enjoy  this  style.The  vocals  are  low,deep death  metal  growls that really  fit this  bands musical  style.The  guitars  range from extremely fast guitar patterns to  a more heavier slower  mid paced  guitar  sound.If you  are  a  fan of  Pathology's  previous  releases  then  defintly  pick this one  up today  and if you  are  new to the band  but  enjoy  brutal,slam death metal  then  pick  up a  copy  today.

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Whore Of  Bethlehem--Extinguish  The  Light   cd {Black Market  Metal}
Coming  out  of  the Texas death,black  metal  scene is  Whore Of  Bethlehem  who  deliever a  great  new  release.Combing  both  old and  new school metal  elements within their music.Extinguish  The  Light  has  more of  a  brutal death metal sound  and  feel  but  does  add some  black metal  elements  throughout  the  songs.The  guitarist  know how to  write and  play some extremely fast,chaotic  guitar  patterns.But  can slow to  a  more controlled  heavier  pace  before  going  back  to the hyperspeed style and sound.The  vocals  are low,brutal death growls mixed  with  some  blackend  screams used in  a few  songs.If you  are  looking for  a  band  that  can play brutal death metal with both  old-school and newer  elelments  mixed together  then  be  sure  to  pick up  a  copy  of  Extinguish  The  Light   today.
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