Bittered "Badge Head" Official Video & Album Out Now! (Crust Grind)

Dennis Matos – Bass
Paul Folk – Guitars
Kasey Harrison – Vocals
Reese Harlacker – Drums

Formed in 2014 York, PA USA. By Paul, Dennis, and Kasey. Dennis and Paul played together in previous bands as well as Paul and Kasey. Every band member has been playing heavy music of some sort for years. Some of the bands include Exterminance, Police State, Wrath Of Typhon, Quarter Inch Microbomb and the list goes on and on….


Released live at The Depot April 2015 – Self released
Released first album “Hubris Aggression” August 2015 via Lost Apparitions Records
Released “Government Oppression Jan 2016 via Unfit Earth records
May 2017 releasing the Album “ Foreign Agenda” via Lost Apparitions Records once again.

Bittered started out more on the doomy side with aggressiveness on “Hubris aggression” and turned up losing most of the doomy elements by the release of 2016’s “Government Oppression”. With the upcoming release of “ Foreign Agenda” the band is aggressive, angry, and not afraid to tackle and shit on the political arena of politics. Bittered has been gigging for a few years, headlining regional shows and opening others. Looking at touring if the right bill presents itself stateside or anywhere worldwide.

Bittered Influences range widely and include, , grindcore, Crust Punk, black metal, thrash, traditional metal, and hardcore and can be heard throughout the material.

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