Doyle II "As We Die", EMP Label Group/Monsterman Records, Released 2nd June, 2017

 Doyle II 'As We Die' is an incredibly infectious album, leaping right out at you, and demanding you listen. The fusion of metal and punk delivers a sound that immediately takes hold of the ears and assaults them. The dynamic coupling is all too evident with notable crust punk elements, thrash, and heavy metal guitar tones, which shine throughout the whole LP.

   When I was listening to As We Die, I found myself more and more addicted to its horror themed world. The opening track 'Kiss Me As We Die' hooks you in, setting the atmosphere and pace for the album. The vocals are excellent, shifting from strong aggressive shouts to clean singing that flow with the overall mood and feel contained within As We Die.

   'Beast Like Me' takes it up a notch further with chunky riffage and a suitable tempo. The songs on As We Die are catchy and very direct, and are the core strength of the album. It is such an enjoyable listen. I find myself unable to turn away until the album has concluded, which is a rare commodity with any music. The guys obviously worked their butts off with the album, and wanted listeners to return to As We Die again and again.

   Run For Your Life and King of the Undead offer up further amalgamations of metal and punk, the riffs and pace serve such a mosh delicacy that I'm unable to sit still! I personally love punk combined with metal, which always provides metal with a rawer edge and has more grit to the sound. AS We Die is another example of how it can work so well. I couldn't help be reminded of Driller Killer's From Out Of Nowhere track, which has a similar energy, but without the horror themes.

  As We Die should be played extremely loud! It is a thrilling ride from start to finish, which man made me want to mosh. "As We Die", is a EMP label group/Monsterman Records release.

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