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Questions answered by BeAsT of DiM


1. What has the reaction been like to Dias de Los Muertos?

A: Unexpectedly awesome. Of course, we did a lot of guerilla marketing and sold a lot of physicals during shows. The numbers won't show what we have been able to accomplish, but this album got a lot of heads to turn our way and put us in the hands of some great people.

2. DIM has been around for 11 yrs and what would you guys say is the best policy for maintaining longevity as a band?

A: The WANT to do it. If you have a passion for anything you'll find a way to make it happen. Your love for something always shines through your actions. With persistence and growth, you will keep the machine going.

3. Has DIM started to work on any new music?

A: We never really stop. It's just harder to get everyone together at once. We have had to make a change in how we create things, due to the pure evolution of how music is made these days, and scheduling conflicts.  However, the music we have been hammering out is a change for us in many good ways. It should open us up to a wider audience as well give us something fun to translate on stage. We're all very excited about this music we have been creating together. Now it's just time to find the right place to clean it up.

4. What do you enjoy the most about playing metal music?

A: The emotion it illicits. The feeling of release and unwind you feel after putting your mental and physical strain out into the world. That's where it's no different than any other music. Music as a whole makes you feel something.  Everyone has their own flavor of ice cream, but over all it hits the spot, It's satisfying, and makes us happy. Our flavor just happens to be metal.

5. Who came up with the term post apocalyptic hoodcore or was this an idea you all worked on together?

A: Really just an evolution of us being dumb asses. When asked, we would always say "We're metal". Didn't seem to be a good enough answer to some people. All these sub-genres started popping up and it just seemed like a joke. We were originally "HorrorMetal" then someone in Vegas claimed us to be "Shock Rock". Then we said we were "HoodCore" as rib, then we went on your and the ridiculousness just grew and grew. We ended up with Post apocalyptic Hoodcore and ever since it'stuck with us. I love how our inappropriate stupidity leaves us with some pretty solid gems. That one was a pretty solid win.

6. Is it a musical imagination of post apoc gangs riding on bikes throughout the Wastelands with the mosh playing as the soundtrack?

A: I think it's an awesome combination of things. Our 1st real video had a Mad Max feel. The 2nd video was more of a live show mixed in with Rob Zombie horror film. I want people to take what they want from us. I also want them to listen to our music and have a movie play in their head that is just a plethora of intense images. Telling a story and giving people a visual feels awesome.

7. With that question in mind are you fans of Mad Max: Fury Road and what did you think of the scene featuring the guitar player on the truck?

A: I thought is pretty awesome....... definitely should have Been Ashes though (haha). Hit us up, we can make time to be in a movie.

8. Would you like to see video games such as Fallout use metal music in their soundtracks?

A: Absolutely.  A lot of my attraction to video games in the early 2000's were the soundtracks. Kevin Gill coming out with Backyard Wrestling, and having a soundtrack attached to it was an amazing concept. Sports games have made it their priority to grab top 40 artist and model their advertising around it. I would love to see more first person style video games or role playing games use more underground artists or more metal as a whole. The connection is so strong there and I believe there's a missed opportunity that is being missed and could turn the corner for all involved.

9. Reading about the band, the concept is interesting. How have people reacted to the live stage shows of post-apoc metal carnage?

A: Very sceptical at first, but after the first song we have usually broken down their wall and got them moving a bit. We also have some rare shows where we don't wear mask or paint at all. So overall we have received an awesome reaction, but the heads turn more when we are dressed like goons.

10. Do you all intend to continue the concept approach with future albums and shows?

A: To an extent yes. If you don't evolve you will becoming extinct, so we want to keep the horror aspects to most of our work,  but we also want to toss in some more fun elements too. I think we have been successful doing both so far. It will be fun to see the reactions to this new album.

11. What techniques does the vocalist use in maintaining his voice between clean singing and shouting?

A: I was in choirs and groups as a kid, so a lot of it is just normal scale work and breathing techniques.  I'll probably sing a couple tunes on the way to shows that will help clear myself out too.

12. When reading about DIM I can't help think about post-apoc comics, movies, and such. What are some of DIMS favorite movies, comics, and movies, and are they sources of inspiration for your music?

A: We love horror, gore, and sci-fi, Spider-Man, big into Batman, Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones,The Walking Dead:the show as well as the comic. As a bonus, Games like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout,  Alien series, Predator series, Full Metal Jacket, Event Horizon, Lobo, Fist of the north star. A pretty wide variety that keeps us motivated and inspired.

13. What is it about post-apoc settings that seem to fascinate us as a civilisation?

A:The grittiness, the incorporation of metal elements and rusty clothing.

14. How long does it take to record an album?

A: For us, a decade (haha). Wouldn't take us as long if life didn't kick us in the balls so much. New album should be done soon (fingers crossed). Roughly it's been a couple years since we have released any new music. We'll make it worth the wait.

15. Do you all work on the writing together and share ideas around until you are happy with the final product?

A: Yes. With most of us having some pretty decent experience behind us, we like to play off each other and try to use every idea shot out, at least once.

16. What are some of your favorite songs you have wrote and played since DIM formed?

A: Witness is always a favorite, Dias De Los Meurtos, Run your mouth. Most of these are usually played at every show.

17. DIM's videos are like indie films with a soundtrack. I'm curious is this a scene you are involved with and are interested in?

A: Me personally (BeAsT) I'm a professional wrestler. Indie films and wrestling pretty much go hand in hand. Bastard has lot of friends in film and photography,  so between the 2 of us we have some awesome connections with some great people.

18. How long does it take to form the idea for the videos and I'd imagine it is quite a lengthy process?

A: (haha) Not at all. I think the longest process for the Dias video was building the props and the guys setting the motorcycle cage. Everything else kind of just fell in place.

19. Are you all enjoying the current tour and any memorable shows so far?

A: We still have a couple months before we hit the road, but we are very excited for it. Going out with some bands from Zombie Shark Records. Every band that's on the tour is amazing. Can't wait to hit the road with them.

20. What other live dates do you have coming up that people may not know about?

A: We have a good brother by the Name of Donnie Menace who we are supporting for his Album Release show, and a hopefully should be finalizing the details to open for DOPE AND HED PE.

21. On average how often do you tour?

A: Rarely. We at least try to do one a year, but with, but we have been focusing on writing so we haven't done much this year so far.

22. If I morphed into the dollar fairy, and said ok tell me anywhere in the world you would like to play, where would it be?

A: UK, Japan, and Canada. No particular order.

23. What other music do you all enjoy?

A: All kinds really, there are a few country fans in the band, the majority of us are into Rap and Hop. A few Lady Gaga fans too 😉

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