1. How long does it take you write the lyrics?

Not so much time, I have the Hitwood story printed in my head so the only difficult thing is to adapt the lyrics to the song.

2. Do you write the music first, then add the lyrics?

I always compose the song then add the lyrics and try the right words that sound ok

3. Do you take all your inspirations from dreams?

Mostly yes.

4. Do you plan to continue the story on the next album?

For sure! This is only the begin of Hitwood story. I have dreamed about this for 10 years, and I have much more thing to tell, it's a really complex story, you will see in the future.

5. What other themes would you like to explore with future music?

The themes will be always about Hitwood life in his dream-cage and his past life of defeats in the real world.

6. What are your other sources of inspiration?

Another source of inspirations is the nature and the inner spiritualism.

7. Which are some of your favorite songs that you have written?

I adore all of them, if I have to choose only one for every album I have released I will pick "Give me a reason why I Shouldn't lose myself in a dream" of the debut, from the second EP with no doubt "A Spring Glare where Green shine the brightest" and from DETRITI probably "My Path to Nowhere" because of the lyrics in the chorus.

8. How long does it take to record the songs?

Some songs of the last EP was written in 2-3 days and others in only 1 day. Then I add the lyrics and when i have the "big picture" of the song I add the background elements as secondary guitar melodies. The thing where I lost the time perception is the mixing stage to make sound the songs as good as I can.

9. Who designed the album cover for the current release and how long did it take to create the idea?

Is a freelance artist from Indonesia that have represented exactly what I have in mind, then I have added all the post-processing filters to reach the kind of colors that I want.

10. Do you plan to collaborate with the same musicians on the next release?

Probably yes.

11. Are there any singers or musicians you would like to build new collaborations with?

I'm in search to others musicians to do more collaborations. I want to make Hitwood a collaboration project in the style of Avantasia.

11. Do plan any live shows to support the album?

No, I always intended this as a studio project only.

12. What do you enjoy the most about playing metal music?

It's like a sort of anti-stress to me, a dimension where I lost myself in it and forget about problems of life.

13. What are some of your favorite movies?

I'm really into tv series so I will say Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Mentalist. My top movie of all times is Back To The Future and the entire saga of X-mens.

14. What do you enjoy to do to relax?

Apart playing guitar, sometimes I read books, I love the nature so travel and find new places is one of my biggest passions then I try my photography skills with my reflex.

15. Do you like any other music outside of metal?

I enjoy all kinds of music, especially Italian Rap in the last times. I have a big interest in explore more the shoegaze scene but I haven't find the time yet.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the interview, and I wish you all the best with future albums and music, Gaz, Ancient Visionz.

Hitwood's Detriti is available as a free download from Bandcamp, link below. 



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