1. How did you all meet and start up Hogan's Goat?

It all just kind of formed out of nowhere. We have members from all over the country including Nashville, TN, Billings, MT, Southern Pines, NC, and Denton, TX. Everything from Aaron moving here a day after a friend of his met Wayne at a bar in East Nashville, to Dono joining two weeks before our first show.

2. The band is named after a famous folktale. Have the band members always been interested in various folklore tales?

Eh.. Not really. I mean the saying “I’m fucked up like Hogan’s Goat,” is what really attracted us to the name. It just so happens to have a cool back story.

3. The genres that you draw influences from are very diverse, but in my opinion allow Hogan's Goat to be extremely appealing. Was this always the intention when forming Hogan's Goat?

Our only direction was to make it badass. We didn’t want to follow the rules. I think it gives us an advantage. We can play live with just about anyone, and it gives us a broader reach demographically.

4. Do you think it gives artists more freedom when they can just express themselves with their music and not be constrained to a single genre?

Totally. It also allows 5 different band members to be themselves and not feel scrutinized for their ideas.

5. What has the reaction been like so far to Hogan's Goat?

It’s been amazing. I think we anticipated something along the same lines.. We know what we have is special, at the very least, to us. It’s just a matter of building the buzz; continuing to work as hard every single day.

6. What concepts and ideas does the album cover?

Conceptually we wanted to go over the top 80’s-90’s airbrush. Judas Priest like, almost.  Andy Gregg, the original artist, did an amazing job morphing what was probably a sub-par description into what we ended up with. Garrett DeRossett (art design) is phenomenal at what he does and knew just who to reach out to.

7. Which tracks are your favorite from Hogan's Goat?

My personal favorites are Shit Kicker, Annie Off The Rails, and If I’m Dead.

8. What other influences inspire your song writing?

Everything from Guns N’ Roses to Stevie Wonder.

9. Do you all work on the writing process together?

Yeah, it’s a collective thing.

10. Do you write the lyrics first, then record the music?

No, we actually write the music first, then demo the music, then I write lyrics.

11. On average how long does it take you to write and record a song?

I mean songs like “Annie Off The Rails” and “John Doe” we wrote a year and a half before the album came out. We’ve written 8 new ones already, and we demo sporadically throughout the year. The final recording is done when we lock in a studio for weeks at a time. It just varies.

12. I like the retro inspired logo for the band. Who designed this for you?

My man Garrett Derossett. He’s based in Brooklyn.

13. How long did you all work on the idea for the album cover?

I’d say the album cover took about 6 months before its completion.

14. The album cover conveys the solid grit that is displayed throughout the LP. Did you guys want the artwork to reflect this?

Definitely. We wanted it to look like it came from a time when Rock N’ Roll and Metal were thriving, and also make you think the album was going to kick your ass.

15. What ideas would you all like to explore on the follow up release to your self titled LP?

Any and all. The next EP or album will probably get a bit darker.

16. Hogan's Goat also play their songs with a vibrant and positive catchy energy. I'd imagine this is how you sound live. Have people said the same?

I think people come away from our shows saying these two things: “That really translated well from the album,” and “That was a fucking blast.” As long as folks are enjoying themselves that’s all that really matters.

17. I read that you were part of a non-country show case in Nashville. How has the local scene received your music and I was wondering if the country scene is also interested in Hogan's Goat?

I believe you’re referring to the all Nashville non-country showcase we did  in Austin, TX. It was an unofficial SXSW show back in 2014.

As far as Nashville goes, it is an amazing place, and there is music everywhere. So far so good, but I’m not really sure the country scene is that intrigued.

18. What technique does the vocalist use to keep his voice in good condition?

Whether it’s warm ups or room temperature water, I’ve done a bit of everything. I’m interested to see how I fare on the road. We’re gearing up for a short run later in September.

19. What do you all enjoy the most about playing in Hogan's Goat?

I think we’re all brothers. We would all hang if we weren’t in a band together. I think that’s the best part. Getting to enjoy what we love to do with one another is pretty sick.

20. In your opinion as a band, what are the biggest barriers facing an unsigned and underground band today?

Streaming has really made it difficult for artists to get by. Fans are only hurting themselves by not helping fund the bands they love.

21. Many artists tell me it is difficult getting people to listen to new music. Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

We gave away the first 300 CD’s we pressed. You can’t rely solely on digital platforms. Every one and their mom can be on Soundcloud, Spotify, etc, if they know how to service their record. It’s the footwork that makes a difference.

22. What are some of your favorite shows Hogan's Goat have played so far?

The most fun we’ve had was probably our album release back in July. 135 people came out on a Tuesday night. Pretty cool in the middle of the work week.

23. Do you have any upcoming live shows or tours?

9.22 -  Bowling Green, KY @ Tidball’s
9.27 - Indianapolis, IN @ Taps Live
9.28 - Chicago, IL @ Quencher’s Saloon

Working on the rest as we speak!

24. Where in the world would you like to play?

I think they’d love us on the west coast, and in Europe. 

25. What other music do you enjoy outside of metal?

Everything from Michael Jackson to Brooks N’ Dunn

26. What are some of your favorite movies and TV series?

You’re reminding me to re-watch The Wire.

27. Where can people order merch?


John (Vocals)

Thx for taking time to do the interview John, and best of luck with future music and tours, Gaz, Ancient Visionz.

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