Interview with Raven Black, Questions answered by Raven Black

1. How is The Hex O'Clock tour shaping up and what has the reaction been like so far to your new songs?

It's been really great. We've been to several areas that we have never been to and making new fans and making new friends with some incredible local bands. There are three new songs we play live on this tour, Break the Silence, Dollhouse and Break the Box. We're seeing Dollhouse and Break the Box get really big reactions so far.

2. Who designed the artwork for The Hex O'Clock Tour?

Jill Colbert of Manfish. She's an amazing artist and understood the imagery we wanted for this tour. Our fans are loving the new tour merch and it is all limited editions for Hex O'Clock only.

3. How does 13 differ to Seven Sins?

The EP Seven Sins was purposefully placed in a story order to introduce our fans to Raven, who is half human and half doll. Her turmoil of duality. 13 will feature the other members and their back stories and how they came together into Raven's 13th hour.
It will get heavier and darker.

4. When is 13 set for release?

We have no set date yet as we will still be touring. 2018 but not sure when.

5. When do you plan to work on the follow up to 13?

We wrote over 200 songs in the past two years and still continue to write more, but it's a matter of selecting the right songs for "13" that tell the story .

6. Do you all work together on the lyrics?

Raven writes the lyrics.

7. Do you compose the music first then write the lyrics?

We do it differently on every song.

8. What are some of your favorite songs to play live?

Raven's favorite is Blackening because it gives everyone a moment to connect longer since it's more of a heavy ballad.

9. Where else would you like to tour in the world?

Japan and Europe.

10. On average how long does it take to film the videos, and do you all work on the ideas together?

Raven had a vision to each song and the band discusses ideas and we create a sort of storyboard to give the song some imagery to the lyrics. The video filming usually takes two days.

11. What are some of your favorite horror stories/movies/tv series that helped inspire Raven Black?

The Devil's Carnival, Shining, Hellraiser and so many more.

12. Ash Vs Evil Dead is one of my favorite TV shows. It is hilarious. Given you guys embody a horror theme. Are you also fans of Ash vs Evil Dead?

I'm not sure if either of us have watched this show. Raven has not. Very little time on her part for TV but she still watches old classic horrors and her and Muppet try and find time for movie marathons of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

13. Do you take influences from any other areas outside of horror?

Cirque de Soleil and some classic Broadway Musicals.

14. How long does it take to put on all the make up for your characters?

Raven takes about an hour. The other members take about 20-30 minutes.

15. Raven how do you maintain you're vocals?

Warm ups and wind downs. Lots of water, tea and sleep.

16. Are you all self taught musicians/singers?

Yes and no. We all started with self teaching but each has also studied professionally in our own instruments. Raven has a voice coach, Ron Anderson (Axl Rose, A7X, Papa Roach, Alicia Keys) Muppet's drum teacher is Jeremy Colson, Steve Vai's Drummer and Doctor graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

17. Would you all be interested to do a full stage play featuring Raven Black and your music? 

This is Raven's secret dream.

18. What do you all enjoy the most about playing in Raven Black?

Our fans and how they interact with us before, during and after we play our show.

19. Raven Black has a close relationship with your fans and seems to be very approachable. Has this always been one of the core foundations behind the band, and why do you all feel it is important?

It is the core. The fans are everything and we write, perform, talk to and genuinely want to give something to our fans through our music and shows.

20. I was reading about the SXSW festival, you mentioned that your music had reached to other genres from hip hop, country, and more. Do you think we see enough cross genre festivals?

We hope so, as we want the world to see how amazing metal music is.
We do have fans from other genres.

They always say " I don't really listen to this kind of music but I love your music". We are so happy to hear this.

21. Has that support continued from other genres for Raven Black?

Yes, we actually have other genres come see our show and it is funny when they say they've never been to a metal concert before. It's exciting to see them move to metal music and enjoy the metal scene.

22. Outside of metal who would Raven Black like to collaborate with?

Raven would like to do something with hip hop. That's another one of her hidden secrets.

23. Who are some your favorite artists whether metal or non metal music?

Raven - Avatar, A7X, Manson, Rob Zombie and Korn.

24. Would you like to see metal being used more in movies for soundtracks?


25. What do you all enjoy to do to relax?

Video games and movies.
Travel to lake/mountains with family and friends and bbq.

26. By any chance have u seen Knights of Badassdom, which focuses on LARPING and is full of metal references? Its a hilarious movie if you guys haven't seen it.

Raven- I think I have but not sure. Muppet shows he all kinds of cool stuff. The guys most likely have seen this. Lol.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best for the current tour and the new album, and future music. Peace and respect guys, Gaz, Ancient Visionz.

Thank you Gaz!
Thank you for being interested and taking the time to get to know us.
We appreciate your support.

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Current dates for: The Hex O' Clock Tour:

8/10 - Denver, CO @ Moon Room
8/11 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club X
8/12 - Las Vegas, NV @ Dive Bar

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