Friday, 4 August 2017


 Hey all, I've started implementing a new forward thinking evolutionary policy for interviews and promotions through the site. The aim is to diversify Ancient Visionz by providing interviews from outside of our usual market and reaching across to other genres. Not everything will align to what I play on my radio shows or be from my own personal musical preferences, but interviews/promotions are something different, and are another way we can help. If there is a band or genre you do not like, then simply skip the interview/post. We are still featuring the usual stuff from death metal/thrash/hc punk, so please do not worry.

The format for Ancient Visionz Radio remains unchanged.

  The chat radio show is a separate entity, pertaining to interviews and discussions on movies, music, comics, and TV series. Therefore, just like the Ancient Visionz site interviews/promotions, it is a little more flexible and open to other music. 


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