Metal reviews done by Patrick posted on 8-12-17

Ignominious--The Throne And The  Altar  cd  {Hidden  Marly Prod.}
This  is  my  first  encounter  with  the Hungarian black metal  band  Ignominious who  play  a  great  style of raw early ninties black metal.The  music is a  blend of raw black metal with  some touches of melodic black metal passages.The  vocals  are done with  raw black metal  screams that done with  a lot of power and emotion.The  guitarist  mainly plays  the slower,mid paced range with  some  faster  guitar patterns in a  few songs.The  drumming is done in the  same  range with  some  very well  written and performed  patterns.If you  are a  fan  of raw early ninties black metal mixed with  some atmospheric parts  then  be  sure to  buy  a  copy  of  The Throne And The  Altar  today.
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Nuclear Warfare--Empowered By  Hate  cd {MDD Rec.}
Germany's  Nuclear Warfare play  a  very   intense  and violent form  of  thrash  metal.Empowered By  Hate  is a  very  well  written  and  performed  release.The  vocalist  does a  good  job with raw thrashy  screams with  some deeper  gruff vocals  that  really  fit  the  bands music.The  guitarist  can  write  and perform  some  very crazed and fast  guitars.The  guitarist is not  all speed  as their  are some very  well written solo's and mid paced  sections mixed with  the music.If  you  enjoy  well  written  and performed  thrash  metal  be sure to  pick up  Empowered By  Hate  today.
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