Interview with Asher Media Relations done by Patrick posted on 9-29-17

Interview  with  Jon Asher  owner  of  Asher Media Relations done  by Patrick

1.Hello  Jon  how are  things  going in  Canada  these  days?Please  introduce yourself to  the  readers?

Things are great in Canada, hot summers, cold winters and lots of metal. For thoe who don't know me, I run Asher Media Relations, a PR company based in Montreal that works on publicity for metal bands and festivals. I take care of all press coverage (preview, review, interview, airplay) in print, online, radio and tv.

2.When  did you  first  start listening to  music  and who  were  some of the  first  bands and  artists  you listened to? 

The first time I can remember best is my step-father driving around in his old station wagon and blazing the local Montreal rock station CHOM 97.7 FM where I would hear the greats like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Supertramp and Genesis. From hearing those bands as young kid of 5 years old, I was hooked on music. In my teenage years grunge and nu metal was my thing, Nirvana, Bush along with RATM, Korn, Limp Bizkit, which all lead to get in to even heavier material and back track to the greats like Slayer, Metallica, the list goes on and on.

3.Jon  you  started  Asher Promotions in 2007  what  gave you the  idea  to  start this  business?Do you  do everything by yourself or do you have  some friends that  help you  out?

Honestly, failure lead to creation of Asher Media Relations. After I graduated from McGill University in corporate public relations I tried landing a job, but as the world goes, it's tough finding one without experience. From frustration became creation, I decided that I knew two things, PR and music, since I was already involved in the music scene in Montreal it was a no brainer and start building.

4.Jon  you  promote both  underground  and popular  bands and labels are you  currently  looking for  more bands and labels  to  work with or is  the promotion business  full right now?

Always glad to rep those in need, it gets full sometimes but as long as bands contact me 3 months ahead of time we're good.

5.Who are  some  current  bands and labels   you  work  with?If  any bands or labels  are looking for  promotions where  can  they  reach you?What  styles of  music  do you  promote?

Currently pretty busy, I work with Striker (Record Breaking Records), Warcall (Plan B Music), Buried Realm, Insurrection (Galy Records), Mason, Decatur (stoked on their album it's produced by Gojira's Joe Duplantier), Moonlight Desires (Infamous Butcher Records) (Trevor Ziebarth in MD is also known for cartoon show Sons of Butcher), Crafteon, Planet Eater, Necronomicon (Season of Mist), Rockshot Records, Test Your Metal Records and a few others and then fests like Armstrong Metal Fest, CEMR Metal Fest, Loud As Hell Metal Fest, Metalocalypstick Fest, 420 Music Fest & Expo, YYC Music Awards, Wacken Metal Battle Canada/USA. So...... Ya I'm pretty busy lol

Bands / Labels can always reach me at ashermedia (@) or submit to this link

6.Besides  labels and bands you  also  help  promote  some  metal fests  what  metal,rock  fests  are you currently  helping to  promote? 

Currently helping Armstrong Metal Fest, CEMR Metal Fest, Days of The Dead Fest, Metalocalypstick, 420 Music Fest & Expo and Wacken Metal Battle Canada/USA

7.Jon  you live  in Canada what is your  opinion  of  the  music  scene in  Canada?

The music scene in Canada is great, very strong but also very spread out geographically. The metal community is great and close knit. In my opinion very supportive in most city scenes.

8..Who  are your  all-time  favorite Canadian bands  and  are their  any new  bands  you  feel the  readers  should  check  out  soon? 

Oh wow big question, right now I'm super fanboy for one band I'm working with Planet Eater I just really love their sound! and live so explosive! As for all time favourite Canadian bands... well it leans more towards the commercial side of metal but I loved Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Protest The Hero, Annihilator

9.Besides bands  are  there  any  honest,reliable  labels and distro's  you  could  recommend?

There's a few like War On Music, Galy Records, Test Your Metal Records, Profound Lore, New Damage Records,  CDN Records, Dine Alone Records, Boonsdale Records

10.In your  opinion  what is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about the  underground  scene today?

The best is discovering that band that truly blows your mind and surprises you live. The worst is that some of the underground bands just don't get what true hard work is and don't want to put in the time and effort and expect the world to just be handed to them.

11.When  not  working  on  promotion  business  what  do you  enjoy  doing in your  free  time?

Honestly after a long day of music and writing and pitching, I like to just sit back with my dog and binge netflix or just go for walks and hit the local pub.

12.Jon  do you  get to  attend  a lot  of   concerts  in your  area if  yes what  have  been  some of your most  memorable  shows that you  have  witnessed?

Ya I got to tons, it gets to a point I forget what I saw last week lol, One of my faves earlier this year was Rotting Christ with Necronomicon I work with.

13.I  heard your  interview  on  Gaz's  radio  show that you  are a  huge  Star Wars  fan  when  did you  first start watching these movies?

I think my first introduction was Return of The Jedi on VHS when I was a kid and been a fan since. Can never get bored with anything Star Wars.

14.Which  one is your  favorite movie  from the  franchise?Do you  have  a  certain character  that  is your  favorite?

The Empire Strikes Back is my fave love the scenes on Hoth. And favourite characters are between Yoda and Chewbacca,

15.Besides  Star Wars  do you  watch  a lot  of  movies  if  yes what are some of  your  favorite  movies?
I watch a good amount love the Marvel ones, especially Guardians of The Galaxy and most sci-fi and love the Indiana Jones franchise too.

16.Who  are  some  of your  favorite actresses  and  actors?

Kevin Spacey, Chris Pratt, Harrison Ford, and Ryan Gosling for actors, and actresses Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Eva Mendes

17.Thank you  Jon  for  taking the  time to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any final  words  for the  readers?

Thank you for all your support, much appreciated and huge hails horns \m/\m/ Keep it loud!

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