1. Hello how  are things going in France  these  days?Please  introduce  yourself to  the  readers?

1/Hi everybody, my name is Dave Chaigne, I sing and play guitar in Savage Annihilation. Things are doing pretty well : new president, new riot. Ha ha !

2.Savage  Annihilation  formed in  2002 what  gave you  all the  idea  to  start  this  band?And  who  would  you say  the  bands  biggest  influences  are?

2/My brother Mike (drums) and I play metal since 1996, when I was 11 and mike 9 years old. At this time, the band we had played a mix of heavy and thrash metal with a lot of hard rocks influences, nothing really brutal.

In 2001, our line-up changed and the new bassist/singer suggest to play something more death metal oriented. A thing we did in 2002. It's a music style we knew for years. Death, Obituary and Deicide are the first band we listened to but we didn't have the skills nor the instruments adapted for this music, like a real growling voice  we couldn't manage to do cause we were too young.

3.the  bands  second  release Quand S' Abaisse La  Croix Du  Blaspheme  is being  released   through  Xenokorp  Rec. how  did you and the band  come in  contact  with this  label?

3/ We should released our second album mon Kaotoxin rec., the label that released our first album "Cannibalisme, Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries", but for serious health reasons, The label manager had to stop his activities. So we looked for another label and we found Xenokorp which offer us to release it.

4.How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the music for this  release?

4/ 5 years separate the 2 albums, but we didn't take all this time to compose it. Our past bass player Aara decided to leave the band in 2014. He has been replaced by Benoit « Bono »Jean right away who had to learn the new and older songs, as the live set-lists. He did a huge work, we wanted him to be on ease to record the album and he did a great job, as on the record and on stage.

Our  timetable don't let us to see each others as we want so all these reasons did we couldn't release the album sooner. But it let us work more and try some new things.

5.Besides  Quand S' Abaisse La  Croix Du  Blaspheme  does  the band  have  any  copies  of the  debut  still  available?Besides physical releases  does the band have  any  other  merchandise available  for the readers  if yes  what  is  available and  where  can the  readers  buy your  merchandise?

5/ The band don't have anymore. It may left some stuff on Xenokorp's store or on some European distros but I'm not sure. Otherwise, we have two different t-shirts designs including one with our mascot, The Lt Savage. We have caps, hats, patches, pin's and badges you can order directly by writing us on facebook or by mail at this address :

You can also preorder our new album on Xenokorp store. It will be released on 13th October in limited 500 copies Digipack  edition and limited 300 copies vinyl edition in a pack also containing a new album t-shirt design. A nice pack !

6.Does  Savage  Annihilation   play  live  very  often if  yes  what  have  been  some  of the bands most memorable  shows over the  years?

6/Yes, we play live as much as we can. We did an European tour with Avulsed and Mercyless (from Fra) last april, a french tour on may with Lelahell from Algeria and the bros of Corrosive Elements from France.

It's hard to tell which is the most memorable moment but I would say our show when we opened for Dying Fetus last year and the Muscadeath fest show in 2014. It was a true war and great shows for us.

7.Are  their  any  tours or  shows  coming up  in  support  of the  new release?If  yes  where  will the  band  be  playing?

7/ We are preparing a french tour for november. We'll share some dates with the brutal french band Nephren-Ka during this tour which is really cool. We also are booking for next year with more dates to come.

8.Besides  brutal  death metal  do you  or  any of the members  listen  to  any other underground  genres of  music?If  yes  what  are some of your  favorite  bands  and  artists?

8/Yes, we listen a lot of heavy metal, thrash, hardcore black metal hard rock and rock from the 70's, grindcore, 50's rock n' roll, blues, jaz for some of us, funk for others. A lot of various styles but the only one that makes us vibe it's Metal. Nothing is like Metal.

9.Other  then  music  we  are  huge  movie  fans  do you  enjoy  watching  movies?If  yes what  are your  favorite  genres?

9/I'm a great movie fan. I really enjoy most of the genres  as action, comedy, horror and gore, thriller, biopic, mafia and gangs documentaries, kung-fu movies but science-fiction is the genre I prefer, I really dig it !

10.What  are  some  of your  all time   favorite  movies?

10/I don't really know, there's so much ha ha ha ! But if I had to choose, I'll say the Godfather, Metal Hurlant, all three Back to the Future movies, Braindead, Day of the Dead, Dobermann, Alien and Predator. But there's so much more.

11.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  actresses  and  actors?

11/ Al pacino, Tcheky Kairo, charlize theron, mark walhberg  and many more.

12.Besides  working  in  Savage  Annihilation   do you  or  any of the members  currently  play  in  other  bands?If  yes  please  tell the readers a little  about  them?

12/ Yes we all have a side-project. Mike and I play in a grindcore band called Defecal of Gerbe since 2005 and Benoit plays In Squidhead (from Belgium) a Death/indus band and Slave One a technical death metal band.

13.When  not  working   on  new  music or  band  business what  do you  like  doing in your  free time?
13/On my own, I watch a lot of movies, also listen ot a lot of music. I also spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I go to see some live shows. Beside that, I often play guitar not only to work or compose, but just for fun because I love it !

14.Thank you  for  taking the  time to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you  have  any   final words  for the  readers?

14/No problem.  Thanx to you and all the Ancient Visionz staff for this interview. I want to thank all who support us and come to our shows and I invite all those who don't know us yet to discover our music, our universe and Lt Savage's chronicles !

Savage Annihilation

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