Interview   with Raptore   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  please  introduce  yourself  to the  readers?

Hi! I'm Nico Cattoni, guitar and vocal from Raptore.

2.When  did you  become  interested  in  writing  and playing  music?

Since I started playing guitar I always wanted to write my own stuff, I was 12 or 13 years old I guess.

3.Raptore   formed  in 2012  what  gave you  the  idea  to  form this
band?And   who  would  you  say  are  the bands  biggest  influences?

Well, since I started to play guitar I always wanted to form a band, so the idea was there from the beginning. Once I was in high school I started designing logos and writing the first riffs and complete songs about what later would end up being some Raptore songs. I had everything planned in my head even before I formed the band. About the influences, I would say that KISS is the biggest one, no doubt.  

4.Witches Brew  is  releasing  the bands  debut  cd "RageNFever  how
did you  all come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?

I got in contact with Cheryl via mail and offered her to release our album. She had released the albums of some friend bands of us such as Evil Force and Steelballs, so I knew the label because of that. We are very proud of the release, it's not a common thing for a small south american band like us to release an album in Europe. 

5.How long  did  it  take  the  band to  write  the music for the
debut release? Does  the whole band  work on  the music or does  one
member  usually  write  everything?

The songs were written along the first three years of the band. The lyrics are all written by me and the music was written mostly by me and Ruso, our first guitar player.

6.Besides   the RageNFever   release  does  the  band  have any other
releases  or  merchandise  available for  the  readers?If  yes  what
is  available  and  where  can the  readers  buy  it?

The album is the only merch we have right now. You can purchase it on

7.Raptore  comes  out  of  Argentina's  metal  scene  what  is your
opinion  of the  metal scene  in  Argentina?

It totally sucks, it's a complete joke. Besides some good bands like The Evil Dead and some honest producer, the rest is all crap. There's no thing such a metal scene here. Nobody cares about Heavy Metal or doing the things right.

8.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming  out  of
Argentina?And  are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers
should  check  out  soon?

I would say 'Riff'. Any project with Pappo Napolitano on it could be considered my favourite. I love his album 'Plan Diabolico', witch came out under the name of 'Pappo y Hoy No es Hoy'. About the new bands, you should check out The Evil Dead and Steelballs!

9.Besides  metal  music  do  you or  any of the  members  listen to
any  other  underground genre's  if  yes  what genre's  do you  listen

In terms of metal I listen everything like death, speed, thrash, classic traditional metal. If we're talking of any other genre out of metal, I listen to pop, southern rock, blues, AOR.

10.When  not  working  on  new  music or  band  business  what  do you
 like  to do  in your  free time?

Well, I can't say I have much free time, I spend the whole day working saddenly. In the few hours I have free in the week I like to listen music, read some books and watch movies. I enjoy spending my time with my wife and dog also, but as I said before I don't have much free time, only the sundays and a few hours between my work shifts.

11.Besides  music  we  are  huge  fans  of  movies  here  do you  like
 watching   movies?

Of course! One of my favourite things


12.What   are  your  all-time  favorite  movies over  the  years?Do
you have  a  certain  movie  genre  do you  watch  the  most?

I love Point Break! haha. I like Flatliners, The Lost Boys and everything from David Lynch and Carpenter too.

13.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  actresses  and  actor's?

I guess Patrick Swayze, Kevin Bacon, Daniel Day Lewis. 

14.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill this  interview  out do  you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Thank you for your interest and hope see you all soon!

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