Interview  with Slice Of  Sorrow  done by Patrick posted on 9-4-17

Interview  with Slice Of  Sorrow  done by Patrick

1.Hello  please  introduce  yourself  to the  readers?

Roman: Hi! I'm Roman Nemtsev the guitarist and vocalist from Slice of Sorrow.

2.When  did you get the idea to start this band? And  how did you choose Slice Of  Sorrow  as the name of the band?

Roman: Here's the story. I was playing in my first band Instorm and I wrote bunch of songs that were just too heavy and dark for it. I didn't want them in that band but I liked the material so I've decided to create another band. 
So the new band needed a catchy cool name and after some consideration Marina Nemtseva from Instorm came up with the name Slice of Sorrow and I liked it because it fits perfectly.

3.Who would you say are Slice Of Sorrow's  biggest  influences?

Roman: Hypocrisy is the biggest influence, also Metallica, Cradle of Filth, classical music and little bit of Dimmu Borgir and Cryhavoc. 

4.Metal Carnival is getting ready to release the debut CD Execution how did the band come in contact with this label?

Roman: Actually Metal Carnival is our label. When we were looking for a label to release the album we didn't get the proposals that we would like because there were terms that we didn't wanna agree with. So I and Marina decided to found our own label to release our albums on our terms and this is how the history of Metal Carnival Records has begun. 

5.Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write  everything?

Roman: All songs I write by myself including arrangements.

6.Who usually takes care of writing the lyrics for the band? What are some topics written about on Execution?

Roman: I write all the lyrics too. The general topics on the album are: revenge, strength, passion, anger, sex. 

7.Has  the band  ever  made  a  video  for  one of the  songs  off the debut? If you  had the  opportunity to make a video for any of the songs which song would you like seen made into  a video?

Roman: Actually we have official music video for the song called "Brutal". It's very interesting and spicy so if you didn't see it yet you definitely should check it out. Speaking about other songs I also would like to shoot a video for "Beast" and "Altar of Pleasure" but not this time. 

 8.Besides  the debut  Execution does the band have any other  merchandise available for the  readers? If yes what is available and where can the  readers buy it?

Roman: Yeah, we've got cool T-Shirts with "Execution" cover on the front and Slice of Sorrow symbol of the back. The music and T-Shirts available in our official webstore - also you can get it on bandcamp -

9.Has  Slice Of  Sorrow  ever had the chance to play  live? If yes  where have  the band played and who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

Roman: Yes, Slice of Sorrow plays live. We visited with our concerts different cities of Russia.
Some of the bands that we shared the stage with are Blackthorn, Wishdoomdark, Mindreaper. 

10.Are  there  any upcoming shows or tours in support of the  debut release? If yes who are  some bands you will be playing with?

Roman: Right now we're working on it but I can't tell you the actual dates yet.

11.Do  any  of the members currently work in any other bands or projects? If yes please tell the  readers about them?

Roman: I'm also guitarist and vocalist for the band called Instorm. It's completely different music with fast lead guitars, solos and with big classical influence. Our bass player also plays in Instorm. Our drummer Max Konnov plays in the band called "The Suicider".  

12.Besides melodic death metal do you or any of the members currently listen to any other  forms of metal or underground genres?

Roman: Besides  death metal I listen to heavy metal, rock and roll, classical music and little bit blues. My favorite bands are: Kiss, Metallica, Hypocrisy and Cryhavoc, also I enjoy listening to Iron Maiden, Type O Negative, early Children of Bodom.

13.Thank you for taking  the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the  readers?

Roman: Guys, if you like an atmospheric death metal you should check Slice of Sorrow out and if you don't listen to that kind of music you definitely must to check us out! I guarantee you will have a great time listening to our album "Execution"! And for our fans - thank you for your support it means a lot to us! Stay strong and passionate!
Thank you for the interesting interview!

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