Metal reviews done on 10-1-17

Just  a quick  note  to  say  a  friend of  mine Anders  has done two reviews this time  around I  hope he  will be able to  help out  in future  updates  but  time  will  tell.His  main favorite  genres  are  thrash,death metal and  progressive  rock/metal

Hazzerd-Misleading  Evil  cd {World War Now Rec.}
Canada's thrash metal  scene is going  strong  with  Hazzerd's debut  release out now.Misleading  Evil  is eight  songs of  violent and extremly fast old-school thrashing mayhem.The  vocals  are high pitched thrash metal screams mixed with  some calmer more controlled well  sung parts mixed in with the  music.For  the most part the guitars  are played at a  aggressively fast  pace.The  guitarist does write  and play  some  well written solo's  and mid paced patterns used in  a few of the  tracks.If you  are  a  fan of the  early  80's  thrash metal scene  then defintly  pick  up  a  copy  of  Hazzerd's  debut release  today.
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Mason - "Impervious" - 2017 (Review by Anders Circumcised Without Consent)

I only knew of this band from the recent Annihilator tour they supported. I didn't check them out, 'til this monster of an album was tossed to me by good ol' Patrick (the guy that runs this site, of course)! I figured I'd give it a shot and am pleasantly surprised that I like it, thus far! Instantly, I'm reminded of a combination of TestAmenT and Death Angel. I would think they are big influences on Mason. The production on this beast is superb. Modern, for sure - but not annoyingly so. Fuck yeah! This is the kind of THRASH I like! I can see why Jeff Waters invited them on a trek with Annihilator this past summer. There's a little Exodus thrown in there for "good measure", as well. If this is considered a "retro-thrash" band - they've done a great job of not sounding like one! The title track has a neat atmosphere that reminds me - vaguely - of Charred Walls of the Damned (one of my new favorite bands). Can't go wrong with that! Apologies for so many "other band" references - but we METAL fans all know the various "greats" that have tread the way for all the "new" voyagers. So, if you like those other bands mentioned - give Mason a chance! They are carrying the old guards' torch high (while pissing in the ditches of all who oppose)!

Nervcast - Locked and Loaded - 2017 (Reviewed by Anders Pink Is The New Macho)
From the press release, it states this band is for those fans of early Metallica, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden. Then, later on it states the production/engineering captured the band's love of "classic rock". Early Metallica and Megadeth surely wouldn't be considered "classic rock". There's clearly a conflicted expression both via music and image. I look at the accompanying photo of this band and I have to cringe and smirk. Four out of four of these "dudes" look like they'll be "Heading Out to the Highway" to their nearest "Blue Oyster Bar" in the near future - with their perfectly coiffed hair, beard, and brand new leather jackets 'n' jeans. Who are you trying to fool, gents? The music, itself, is as cliche and boring as the title of the e.p. Thank the "Saints in Hell" this was only an e.p.! By the way, I missed the bus to "Politically Correctville". So, if you are offended - suck it up, deary. Up the irons and out the poop shoot!

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