Putrid  Offal   interview done by Patrick posted on 10-1-17

Patrick « Hello ! Please introduce yourself to the readers. 
Fréd (bass & backing vocals) : « I'm Fréd and I'm the bassist and one of the song writers -with guitarist Philippe REINHALTER- for PUTRID OFFAL. And, with Franck PEIFFER (vocals), I'm one of the forming members of the band since 1991.

P « When did you first discover Metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to? 
F : « The first Metal albums Ive be listening to was a MOTÖRHEAD one, « Overkill », then came IRON MAIDEN« The Number of the Beast », METALLICA, SLAYER… »

P « PUTRID OFFAL was first formed in 1991. When did you first get the idea to start this band? And who would you say the bands biggest influences are? »
F « When I got to listen to « Scum » by NAPALM DEATH, I had a revelation. This was the music I wanted to play. When I heard CARCASS « Reek of Putrefaction », I got the confirmation. All started like that. For our influences, the first ones early CARCASS, then early NAPALM DEATH and a little bit of early TERRORIZER too. »

P « PUTRID OFFAL reformed in 2013. Why did you decide to start the band back up and what is the current line-up? »
F « The idea was somehow not to reform PUTRID OFFAL when we first thought about it. We just wanted to re-write and re-record our old material with the actual technology. We have our studio and had the time to do that but Nico from XENOKORP, who was a fan since day one, heard we were having fun with our old stuff and he offered us a deal (on the labels former name, KAOTOXIN). Thats how it started again. The actual line-ups made of Philippe REINHALTER on guitars, Laye LOUHENAPESSY on drums (hes also the drummer for DEHUMAN), Franck PEIFFER on vocals and me on bass and backing vocals. »

P « PUTRID OFFAL recently released their newest EP, "Anatomy" through XENOKORP. How did you come in contact with this label? »
F « XENOKORP is simply the new name of our label, KAOTOXIN. The owners the same, so its just the logical continuation for us. Late 2016, due to some health issues, Nico decided to change the labels direction a bit, focusing on Death Metal exclusively, even though seen as a « wide » spectrum  from Thrash / Death to Goregrind, Funeral Doom to Black / Death- so PUTRID OFFAL was definitely fitting in and he offered us and a few others, like MERCYLESS, DEHUMAN, MITHRIDATIC, etc. to continue with him, which we of course agreed. »

P « How long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? Does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually writes everything? »
F « It didnt take so long : Phil and I had the two new songs written (« Anatomy » and « Didactic Exploration »). Just one or two rehersals later, both were recorded. For the composition, Phil and / or me are working on the song structures and when the result is satisfying, Franck and Laye give their opinion and we work the necessary arrangements. Finally, I write the lyrics et voilà. »

P « Besides the new release, are any of the bands previous releases still available to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available and if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it? »
F « Our album, « Mature Necropsy » is always available on our website, Putrid-Offal.com and at XENOKORP along with « Premature Necropsy : the Carnage Continues », the compilation / remastered reissue of our 90s discography, including our splits with EXULCERATION, AGATHOCLES, SEPULCHRAL and more. Our come back single, « Suffering », which includes the first new PUTRID OFFAL original, « Livor Mortis », is soldout as a physical release, but its available on digital everywhere. Besides that, we have plenty of t-shirts, hoodies and other merch. stuff available on our Website. Just check it out ! »

P « What were some of PUTRID OFFALs most memorable shows and tours in the early years of the band? And who were some of your most favorite bands to share the stage with? »
F « To be honest with you, I don't remember any particularly memorable show : all are always a great pleasure to play but one with AGATHOCLES in the middle of a field remains a highlight of sorts, ahah ! I regularly get sent posters and tickets of gigs we played with GOREFEST, SINISTER and many others, but to be honest, I dont remember much about those : it was 25 years ago, now ! »

P « Are there any shows or tours coming up this year and if yes where will the band be playing? »
F « We just played HELLFEST and many other festivals around Europe in 2017 and toured Europe with MERCYLESS late 2016. For next year, were working on quite some great festivals as well as a possible tour in the beginning of the year but our main focus will be on writing and recording the new album which we hope can be released sometimes next year. »

P « Did you read a lot of fanzines back in the early days of the band? What were some of your all-time favorite fanzines? »
F « Sometimes people send us some copies of old fanzines where we were featured. It feels quite weird and fun to read after all those years, seeing us sharing pages with bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY, MY DYING BRIDE, PARADISE LOST, etc., all of us were such young bands back then, ahah ! I enjoy reading them. My faves would definitely be Swedens PUTREFACTION, Germanys MORTUARY and Spains DROWNED, which Dave ROTTEN of AVULSED was running.»

P « When not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time? »
F « We all have a family so this is the most beautiful way to spend free time. »

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