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Darkfall - "At The End Of Times" - 2017 (Review by Anders Trim The Fat With A Blow-Torch)

Lame. Bit rate at 160 kbps? For review or not - lame. Anything below 320 kbps and the production is very noticeably depreciated. Even at 320 kbps, there's a difference. Far less but still diminished. Afraid of your music being stolen or don't want to pay for a better form of storage/retrieval? You'd think you'd want to present yourselves or your "clients" in the highest fashion possible. Whatever. On to the music. So, far...boring. Kind of basic "Swedish" sounding mild Old School Death Metal laden Thrash. I'm only on track three out of ten tracks (a total of - almost - fifty-four and a half minutes, to this release?). Oh, the potential agony, therein. I like the "symphonic" intros to the first and fourth song, thus far. That said fourth track - titled "Deathcult Debauchery" has a decent "classical" element to it, that I kind of like (guitars). It's not a "flawless" track, however. It has various meandering spots in it that detracts from the "interesting" portions. Can't really salvage this one for my benefit. I like the beginning to the next track ("Ashes Of Dead Gods") but once the vocals come in...nah. If this music was faster and the vocals were replaced by someone like Chuck Billy (of TestAmenT), Glen Benton (of Deicide), or Erik Rutan (of Hate Eternal), I might find it worthwhile. Ugh...puke...the next song, here, to comment on is titled "Blutgott"...that's what it feels like I have, too! I'm starting to get a bad case of "Blutgott" (guts are it gonna come out my mouth or anus? Or both?). Goddamn, this is boring. "At The End Of Times"? What does that even mean? Hopefully, it means "total obliteration" and that there will be no memory of sitting here slowly growing older - exponentially - as this music thuds and flops around in my headphones, like a fresh fish out of water trapped in an hourglass destined to rot and stink up the vicinity. Run-on sentences? Run-on "music". This release has the personality of a wet blanket draped on the shoulders of an Episcopalian. I can't delete this fast enough.

Forged In Black - "Sinner Sanctorum" - 2017 (Review by Anders Ain't Got Time To Breed)

I'm surprised I'm liking this thus far. When I sampled it a few seconds here and there to see if it was gonna be an instant "no thanks", I was "on the fence", to use a cliche phrase. I'm giving it a chance and am pleasantly glad I did. The first song is sort of a slow/mid-paced broodingly powerful track. It reminds me of elements of bands such as Metal Church, Savatage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Trouble, and - maybe - later mid-career Black Sabbath. The second song continues in that way. Really heavy rock stylings. Yeah, this is pretty enjoyable, actually. The tuning of the guitars seems "odd". Like they are down-tuned, slightly, but not in whole and half steps, only. They have a bit of a "sick" and "off kilter" way about them. Though, not in a garbage way. Not like sour milk or anything. Kind of like how Immolation has that "atmospheric" tone/tuning that no one else has, if that makes sense? Maybe, it's subtle overdubs doing it? It, actually, helps to add a unique touch to what could be kind of "basic/standard" structures/presentation overall. Track three has a little bit of Judas Priest type leanings in it. Track four rounds out the consistency of this e.p. I'm not "super stoked" about this offering but I can't say anything negative about it, either. It's a little better than "middle of the road" to me...but, I'll - probably - not listen to it again. I still appreciate it for what it's worth!

Glass Mind - "Dodecaedro" - 2017 (Review by Anders Plagued By Taxidermy)

This is an instrumental album - if you despise instrumental albums, read no further! Or continue reading. I don't care. The first track off this release has heavy elements of Dream Theater, to me. Could be 'cuz that's the most prevalent "Progressive Rock/Metal" band I've enjoyed listening to for decades and I'm familiar with their stylings. The second track is kind of a short piece. Already forgot it. The third track has that Dream Theater element, once again. Not that they have ripped them off...or have they? Either way, this is some fine quality musicianship and presentation. Another short track, next. Track four. Kind of has a Van Halen like drum beat to it. On to the next long track. Over eight minutes on this one. Yeah, anyone who likes Dream Theater should dig this album. Unless they find that it's a little TOO similar? I'm not a complete "fanboy", as it's said, so I don't mind - I guess. One thing that separates these guys from D.T. is these guys don't have any incredible guitar solos (unlike Petrucci). Or ANY guitar solos, for that matter. Just noticed that. Duh! But this is really nice stuff. Oops! Spoke too soon. Guitar solo, here. "Inside the Whale". It's not "incredible"...but it's a solo! Reminds me of someone holding intestines and pretending to play an accordion! Another short "interlude". "Detritus", also has a guitar solo. Nothing special but has a mild flair, to it. Wow...this is total Dream Theater worship, here. 24/7 Dream Theater absorption? Could happen... Second to final track is another short piece. Long, short, long, short... Yep, last track is another longer song. Interesting. Another couple of guitar solos intermingled in there. Did I miss them in the first half of the album? Well. To finish out, here...these muchachos are fantastic musicians! It might be worth finding/exploring/crafting their own "true" style - but I'm not complaining. Good on them.

Gutslit - "Amputheatre" - 2017 (Review by Anders Tugs 'Til Minus The Apostrophe)

This mother of a baboon fucker clocks in at about fifteen seconds shorter than Slayer's - "Reign in Blood" (just as a conversation starter - not that it matters). This is a fast/brutal/creative/fun breath of fresh (fetid?) air, so far! I'm not a "fan" of "pig squeal" vocals but these guys pulled off a short round of those in the middle of "Brazen Bull" that segued into a tasty little guitar solo (in the same octave range!), seamlessly and enjoyably. Let's see if they can keep the momentum of the first real song (track two) throughout. Yep! Some interesting slinky riffs within the hyper-blasts of song three! I'm really liking this so far! Killer solo in "Necktie Party"! They used some interesting panning/mixing choices, on this album. Dynamic! Man, this is unrelenting! Fantastic! Top form...inspired! I should've known these guys would be "sophisticated" musicians when they spell "theatre" like that and not "theater". High quality bludgeoning, fellows! Two thumbs up from me (just don't hack them off before, OR after, I can put them back in my pockets!). This is a fine piece of artistic brutality! I'll listen to this again! Highly recommended if you like fast and frantic music! I give you my approval in your arena with a mallet to the mullet of anyone who disagrees!

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