Whilst I'm slowly working my way back to updating the site and radio shows, I thought I'd write about a few random things. Usually the radio shows take up the majority of my time, which leaves little opportunity to write.

First up, I want to share my early thoughts surrounding Star Trek Discovery. I've been reading and watching many reviews on the show, and it seems to have split opinion. 

I'll try and break down the good and bad in true simple word on the streets style, and answer some FAQs that keep popping up. 

Star Trek Discovery isn't the best Star Trek show, but its not terrible. I'd say it is an average show that may improve in the latter part of the season or in future seasons. But, it is better than the recent Star Trek movies. Discovery does share some of the same aesthetics as those movies and it does look really well in parts. Kinda like Star Trek Enterprise with a makeover. If you haven't seen that show, it is a worth a watch, but skip the first season. 

The Klingons have a new design and many people aren't to crazy on the new appearance. I'm not sure, I appreciate they are trying to maybe make an alien species appear more alien. I don't hate it, but I'm just not convinced if it flows with their warrior culture. Maybe something else or an updated version of the previous incarnation would of matched more closely. It isn't a major bug bear or an issue that has me revulsing in disgust. I think the problem is, they do not appear menacing or threatening, which is strange given the history of the Klingons. The Federation are actually the ones that come across as more devious, cunning, and ruthless. There is a theory I read relating to this point, which I'll come to later.

One aspect that does work is the Klingons speaking in their own language. Some reviewers don't enjoy it, but I've watched foreign language movies for a long time, so it doesn't bother me, and after all, this is another species with an entirely different dialect.

The other areas I like with Discovery are:

Jason Isaacs plays a solid captain, who is a bit of a warmonger and ties in with a theory I want to respond to in a moment. 

The First Officer, the orange ish alien guy is played well and stands out. 

Michelle Yeoh played a great captain, and it sucked she was killed off very early. I do feel she could of been an awesome lead and it would of made Discovery more interesting. I've seen her in both English and non English movies, she is a solid actress and underrated. For those interested in her career, go check out some of her Hong Kong action movies before she became known to Hollywood. A missed opportunity with Michelle, and I'd like to see her in another sci-fi show where she can play a leading role, and showcase her notable action skills alongside her acting. 

What I don't like:

Sadly, those are the only stand out personalities in Discovery so far. The Klingon actors are pretty bland and forgettable. Hopefully, in later episodes we can see the Klingon perspective in finer detail to give Discovery a needed balance. 

Michael Burnham. I'm aware of the heat the character has had from fans and reviewers. She is a very difficult character to like and not a good lead due to her personality (I'm talking about the character, not the actress). Arrogant and disregards the rules when it suits her. Yes this dynamic does parallel Jason Issaac's Captain, but Michael is a turn off, which isn't good for the main protagonist. The acting is fine, just a terrible character.  I do hope Michael evolves and changes just to make the character more likeable and grounded to be the lead on the show.

The remainder of the cast on Discovery, do utter some cringe worthy dialogue at times and do not seem like Star Fleet officers. They can become an irritating factor, which detracts from the show. It is like the Lord of The Rings movies, awesome movies, but not when Frodo is on screen. You are wanting to get back to Aragorn and co. 

The Klingons were dispatched a little to easy in some of the combat exchanges, which negates the warrior culture they embody. 

A theory has circulated surrounding Discovery, which suggests they are the fore runners to Section 31 (black ops Star Fleet Intelligence, look up Star Trek Deep Space Nine, the episode featuring Dr Bashir and Section 31 to learn more). It could possibly explain the questionable lack of morals and Star Trek principles displayed by the Captain. There are other notable Easter Eggs whether intended or not, which are in the show if you look hard enough.

Star Trek Discovery isn't awful, but just an average sci-fi show, which doesn't stand up to earlier Trek shows such as Voyager, Enterprise, and DS9. I hope it can improve in future episodes, and the introduction of the guy rescued from the Klingon prison in episode 5 is shaping up to be a solid character.

I do sincerely hope the show improves, but there are other sci-fi shows, which are far superior. I highly recommend The Expanse, which has interesting and dynamic characters, a deep story, and good acting.

Discovery has enough qualities to keep me watching for now, but there are a few flaws, which are dragging it down.

I score it 5/10 so far. 

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