Writing out of character for a moment. I'm unsure whether the narrated story parts flowed on the show. I wanted to add something different, so I may focus on comedy and promotional parts like I've always done, and concentrate on the regular radio show format. With that being said, the theme and character of The Waste Wanderer remain, so I'd still be pretending to be live from the far and distant future.

The problem in my opinion is that DIY can only go so far, and I'd need a huge budget akin to a TV series to do it the way I really want to. One thing for sure though, I really did enjoy bringing The Wastelands back.

The plan is to release the episodes either weekly, or fortnightly/monthly if I'm overloaded with Ancient Visionz Chat Radio interviews and studies from school. The Wastelands Show runs for about 4hrs on each episode is a live show made available as podcast. I'll either air each episode in one full edition or as say part 1, then part 2 follows up on the next day.

 The Wastelands-29-10-17, Episode 1, Relaunch Play List (Punk, Metal, Underground Hip Hop)

 The play list includes the text version of the narrated story sections that were included in episode 1.

 Genres featured in this episode: Death Metal, Punk, Metal, HC Punk, Crossover, Underground Hip Hop, Thrash, Crust Punk, D-Beat, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop, Grindcore, Stench, Folk/Celtic Punk, Doom, Desert Rock, Metal Punk, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Death Punk, HC, Metallic HC, Crust Grind, Fastcore, & more!


 THE WASTELANDS-29-10-17-Ep 1, PART 2


Twitter: @moshpunkvisionz
 The Wastelands Radio Info:


  Wastelands Ep 1 Opening Scene-Will Van Golf (2:43)

The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 1 (0:47)
The ground shook beneath my feet, the black sands shift. It was time to move. Soon, the skies would be filled with the sounds of infernal poisonous noise. They are coming…

If I linger to long, my ears and head shall explode. The civilised section of the planet had grown accustomed to auto tuned high pitched cloned vocalists, and devilish mumble rap, which has masqueraded as hip hop since the 21st century.

Reaching down, I turn on my portable audio device, I crank up Grand Surgeon featuring Ruste Juxx. Looking around me, dusk is falling, the gangs are retreating, even they know who brings the terror. Yes Yes Y'all, welcome to my existence. But, I choose this mission, someone had to. 

    Grand Surgeon feat Ruste Juxx - Bring The Terror (beat & scratches by LG Roc) (2:32)

 The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 2 (0:33)
The ground shakes again, they are close. Climbing on my bike, I glance back, I can see them, the lights hitting the sand. Always the lights. Strapping myself in, I ride off into the distance, focused. I turn up Germ Bomb’s ‘Dogs from The Wastelands’, and concentrate on the open free road before me. Riding faster and faster, leaving the neon lights behind me.

    Germ Bomb - Dogs From The Wasteland (2:29)

    Driller Killer - Futureless (2:37)

The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 3 (0:18)
 Who am I? Some call me The Waste Wanderer, but I seek others who want to listen to real music. I invite you to join me on my journey, as I share the rhythms and sounds of The Wastelands….
    Dr. Creep - I'm Destructive (2:35)

   The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 4 (0:38)
 Alone I explore what once was, the terrible nightmare is now a reality, I’m one man, with one mission, to help the sounds of The Wastelands be heard again. To heal the great mother. To help the tribes resurrect long forgotten musical genres from hc punk, real hip hop, and metal. To nourish the earth against pop filler, the music of the Ancient Enemy. I invite you to spread my message, The Waste Wanderer has returned to The Wastelands.

    Pisser - Nightcrawler (4:07)

    Pokerface - Human Control (3:07)

    Comaniac - Suborned (2:58)

    Toxic Ruin - Lord Of Pandemonium (5:03)

    Guerrilla Alliance - Sacrificial Chamber Ft Killah Priest (Cuts By Tone Spliff) (4:18)

    Sanctum - And We Press On (4:00)

    Nuclear Death Terror - Collapse (3:17)

    SKAVEN - Plague Wind (4:12)

    Guerrilla Alliance - Star Metal Ft Chino Xl (Cuts By Tone Spliff) (5:38)

    PAGANDOM - Bridges Burn (3:08)

    Pure Disgust - Agents of the Machine (1:53)

    sub space - Roto (1:51)

    Illusion - The Smoking Point (2:02)

    Selective Aggression - Your Choice, Not Mine (1:45)

    MC Therapist - Brutal For Your Ears (3:47)

    Combat Wombat - Let Them Know feat. Mantra (5:25)

    Black Anemone - Requiem of the patriot (3:50)

    Jolly Jackers - Star of a County Down (2:42)

    The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 5 (1:13)
 The night sky is quiet and peaceful, the lights are now far behind in the distance. The desert watches me, it always does. I wonder what is out there at this time, and if anyone is hearing the returning song to the wastelands. I need to find somewhere to rest, away from the FCC’s grasp. I crank up the volume on my audio player, Jolly Jackers ‘The House’ starts to play. I increase the acceleration on my bike, immersing myself in the sounds. I hope you all can do the same, as I share this set and tale from my journal.

I think back to better times, dancing with friends and my girl to the sounds of Celtic Punk. It has always been a source of music that has lifted me. Man, Celtic Punk, just speaks to my soul, something I take solace with out here in The Wastelands. I was starting to forget this world for a moment, lost in my memories with The Jolly Jackers and The Clan’s ‘Folk n Roll’, and Auld Corn Brigade’s 1605, then the smoke ahead soon brought myself back to reality.

    Jolly Jackers - The House (2:29)

    The Clan - Folk'n Roll (2:59)

    Auld Corn Brigade - 1605 (4:27)

    The Waste Wanderer, Chapter 1, Part 6 (1:14)
The road was filled with the carcasses of bikes, trucks, cars, and rocket boards displaying the earlier exchanges between the gangs. The burning stench fills the air as I ride past and the smoke continues to rise high. My mood turns sombre and grey like the very smoke before me escaping the carnage.

 I lean down and race on, the wind pummels my face helm, and blows my cape backwards. I looked like a badly dressed post apoc Batman. I’d always been a fan of Batman and Fallout back in the day. Little did I know that one day I’d be running around The Wastelands and evading some megalomaniac that enjoys golf. Feels like an issue of Deadpool, although as comedic as it sounds, The First Culture Corporation are no joke. Well ok, to me they are, I mean how can pop clones, auto tune mumblers, and golf be considered culture? Wth happened man? Damn fillers.

The road is silent again, listening to Drowning Dog and Malatesta, the scene remains in my mind, a reminder of the brutal existence here in The Wastelands.

    DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) - Power (3:00)

    Clearview - Upside Down World (1:28)

    UGLY - Powerless (2:24)

    Repressione - I Giorni Dell'Ira (1:50)

    Jackal - Dead End (1:00)

    Impact - No Excuse (1:52)

    KIDNAPPED - Cold Steel Versus My Temporal Lobe (0:55)

    Mordatorium - The Gallows (3:34)

    Bloodstrike - Hell's Wasteland (4:49)

    Defeated Sanity - Expectoration of Fear (3:45)

    Khazaddum - Lord of Isengard (5:40)

    Reckless Manslaughter - Unleash The Spirits Of The Fallen (3:20)

    Kal-El - Code of the Ancient (5:24)

    Hellshock - Stray (4:32)

    Extinction Of Mankind - Existance Declines (5:02)

    PAGANDOM - Monochrome Vision (4:06)


    DISTILLATOR - Mechanized Existence (4:39)

    Disarmageddon - Zero Hour (6:16)

    WAR ENGINE - Ambush (5:14)

    Bullet-Proof - Abandon (6:19)

    Chernodeath - Destroying The Reactor (1:57)

    Ephemeral Foetus - Relentless Contempt For Man (4:45)

    Repression Attack - Religion (3:21)

    Temple of Dagon - The Kraken (3:26)

    Askevault - Nothing Ever Changes (4:15)

    Wastelander - Desert Law (2:42)

    Plague Dogs - Swarm of Flies (3:25)

  Filth Tribe - Good Night (2:31)

     Extinct Exist - Nightmare Strain (3:52)

    Death Dealers - Starvation sells (1:57)

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