Friday, 3 November 2017


The next episode of The Wastelands airs next weekend with a variety show running across metal, punk, and underground hip hop. However, I'm opening the show up further to evolve and grow much more. Its a concept carried forth with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which ok is a different format and category altogether, but the openness with music and guests has been very well received.
 However, I'm realising to continue forward and expand The Wastelands further, I need to add in some genres/promos that I don't normally cover, which means some of the more known artists/bands/genres.

There is a limit, and the show retains the underground feel, but it is now open  to other promos and genres that I receive, which helps give it a mixed variety from both extreme mosh to clean vocaled/regular straight up sounds as well. 

The Wastelands is going to air twice a month on the 2nd and last weekend, which gives me considerable time to prepare the play list and flow it together. It can also run alongside Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which shall soon reschedule guests when I've recovered from a stomach bug. 

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