I wanted to help promote and draw attention to Angry Centaur Gaming, which is the best gaming review channel around. Karak, creator and host, radiates the same passion for gaming, which I hold for metal and hc punk. I encourage people to take a look at the ACG channel. He busts his butt to provide fresh content on an incredibly frequent basis. ACG covers gaming reviews, walk the walks through games, and international podcasts featuring discussions and interviews revolving around the industry.

The international podcasts are my favorite aspect of ACG. They are personal and interesting. It is cool to hear what the guys enjoy outside of gaming. I'm waiting to see if anyone is into metal, hc punk, or any other music. The podcasts also feature great life advice and tips for those involved in any aspect of independent/diy media.

The presenter Karak has genuine warmth coupled with a hilarious sense of humor. His work is vital for people such as myself that are primarily wrapped up in other areas such as music. I enjoy indulging in gaming as a break from my studies at uni/college, and to relax from my music radio shows and site. ACG is my go to source to discover if a game is worth buying to avoid wasting the little cash I have.

I'd love to support ACG's channel on Patreon, but unfortunately it is difficult on a limited budget. With that said, there are others way to help such as retweeting on Twitter to help spread the word. 

Remember folks, there is an indie scene in everything. Much love ACG.  

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