Sunday, 17 December 2017


I'm writing this blog about the new changes that are coming to both The Wastelands and Ancient Visionz radio shows. I've been thinking about the decision for a long period and feel it is the best way forward.

Since Brutal Existence Radio closed, The Wastelands struggled to receive any listeners. 2-3 is the max, if those few listeners aren't around, it is the wonderful statistical figures of, yes folks, '0'. I started in diy radio around 07/08 and have already djayed under those circumstances with an old punk show and site. I can't do it anymore when there is no audience.

The Wastelands does really well when the podcast is posted and receives hundreds of views with numerous downloads/streams. Crazy that the live shows cannot seem to draw anyone in. Recently, I began treating The Wastelands as an on air podcast, which helped me get through it with no listeners, or the same 2-3. The notable lack of comedy and fewer on airs are due to myself becoming disillusioned and bored. Comedy has always been a huge part of my shows, but not for sometime now.  

When you are DIY, the stats are low, and always will be, but a small crowd of 6-8 would of been fine. On Brutal Existence Radio I had 20-30 listeners a show, and a quiet day was 12 listeners. I could of joined several Internet radio stations, but the music and set lists I play didn't quite flow. 

Other stations I looked at are only interested in mainstream artists and indie majors. No bad on the music, I like many of those artists as well, but my preference is always mid tier to grass roots for music radio shows. It is too easy to sit playing the same old stuff and bands we all know. Its boring and not challenging in any aspect, and creatively stale. I've tried to respect the real underground in all scenes from hc/punk, metal, and hip hop, but this cannot continue or its going to suck my spirit. 

A few months ago I relaunched Ancient Visionz Talk Radio and decided to do on air interviews. It is available and open for metal, punk, underground hip hop, indie film, and fellow sci-fi/comic book fans. The show has grown immensely, and if there are no listeners for the live shows, it doesn't really bother me as I'm interacting with someone. The backlog for Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is incredible. I think it is obvious what I need to do. 

Therefore, Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is going to become my main show and probably run with 2 interviews a week. The Wastelands is moving to a monthly edition and airing on weekends. It shall be heavily dominated by promos, submissions, and music I find on Bandcamp. Pretty much what The Wastelands already is. I'm treating it as on air podcast, which I mentioned earlier, and with only airing monthly, if no one listens, and people just download it, then that's fine.

I wanted to share how much The Wastelands has struggled since the closure of Brutal Existence Radio. I need to adapt and move forward before I lose interest.

There are positives though. I'll finally be able to write on the site, and actually post music and movie reviews. Never been able to do that on a regular basis with running various radio shows. Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is expanding all the time, so please contact me if you would like to join me to discuss movies, metal, hc punk, underground hip hop, comics, and so on. 

There are a few episodes of The Wastelands to upload and a show airing next week to clear some of the promos. After Christmas The Wastelands moves to a monthly slot and Ancient Visionz Talk Radio becomes the primary radio show. 

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