Interview with Sunwalter done by Patrick posted on 12-30-17

Interview with Sunwalter done by Patrick

1.Hello please introduce yourself to the readers?

Greetings, Earthmen! We are Sunwalter crew, and we are here to bring sci-fi metal genre to the audience, to represent proudly the extraterrestrial Grey race and to serve as interactive mediums between the people of Earth and intelligent alien races.

2.I know you all are really into science fiction and aliens when did you become interested in science fiction?

Science fiction? In our case, there's no fiction. In August 2016, we found an extraterrestrial spherical artifact at a ranch in Texas. The sphere turned out to be a device used to communicate with the alien race of the Grey, and a translocator at the same time. In a couple of days they abducted us, but then returned. Since then, we are a link between the deepest space and the minds of Earthmen. In all our songs, there are encrypted messages for the people of Earth, transmitted to us by aliens from different parts of the Universe.

3.Who are some your favorite science fiction authors and books?

We truly respect many fiction authors, as well as existing and fantasy worlds in different universes. It's difficult to distinguish a certain person, but our songs have lots of references to the worlds of Isaac Asimov, Hans Giger, Paul Donovan, Harry Harrison, and many more.

4.Besides books what are some of your favorite science fiction movies and tv shows?

You will be surprised, but we find inspiration in those movies with original and sometimes weird plot. Take "Lexx", for example. The general idea is that our crew is as diverse, as the Lexx's one, including the spaceship itself. For example, our onboard computer HAL350 periodically generates social media content on its own.

5.We are big Star Wars fans here do you and the band like to watch these movies? Do you have a favorite movie from the series?

Like all creative people, each of us has their own tastes and opinions. However, the Star Wars series are not passionately loved by the whole crew. Some think that it's gone too pop, much-hyped and has awful sequels. We are more keen on some underground stuff, like "Pandorum", "Lexx", "Dune", etc. Nevertheless, the bassist likes the "Attack of the Clones" episode. But we don't blame him.

6. You all formed Sunwalter in 2008 what gave you the idea to start this band? How did you all come up with the name Sunwalter does it have a special meaning?

At the very beginning, we used to play some melodic black metal and experimented with other subgenre intermixtures. However, as far back as 2011, the extraterrestrial race of the Anunnaki came across the experimental release "Space Flight" and contacted us. After that, we released the "Nibiru" single dedicated to their home planet. Well, the rest of the story related to the artifact we've just told.
The name "Sunwalter" stands for a cosmic spirit that holds the balance of the Universe. It owes him its existence and growth.

7.What is the current line up of the band and who would you say are the bands biggest influences?

At the moment the crew consists of 5 creatures: Alexio, Olga Sol, St.Odium, Myutel and Miran. Like any crew of a spaceship, we all have our own tasks and responsibility area, apart from singing or playing our instruments. For example, during the tours our guitarist drives those primitive terrestrial self-moving 4-wheel means of transport. Here is little sense in listing all responsibilities of our crew members, let's just say that there are lots of them. The biggest influence on our creative activities comes from the Grey race and different ideas transmitted from the deep space, but never from other bands.

8.Alien Hazard is Sunwalter's second full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for this release?

The Anunnaki race specified the concept of this album in 2013, right after the release of the "Forbidden Sun" single. During the next year, we composed all materials and lyrics for "Alien Hazard", and in 2016 we encrypted extraterrestrial messages for Earthmen in every song.

9.Besides Alien Hazard does the band have any copies of the debut cd still available if yes where can the readers buy it?

Anything referred to as "merch" on your planet, including the debut "SETI Evidence" album, can be purchased via our official website:

10.Are their any tours or shows coming up in support of Alien Hazard if yes where will the band be playing?

We guess, you have somehow travelled back in time. Our presentation in Moscow and a European tour in support of "Alien Hazard" album successfully took place in September and October 2017. We made an intriguing presentation show in Moscow, and then visited some venues in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.

11.Besides playing in Sunwalter do any of the members currently play in any other bands or projects?

Yes, almost all members of our crew have side projects, but the agreement with the Grey race does not allow us speak of them in public. However, the people of Earth can use the global information network to find this info bypassing the restrictions of our patrons.

12.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

You, the people of Earth, inhabit a class 13 planet. Such planets destroy themselves through an internal military conflict or an ecologic disaster, but mostly — when their scientists try to determine the mass of Higgs boson. Until then, live and let others live. May the Universe be with you!

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