Obscene's EP Sermon To The Snake is an interesting release drawing from old school dm, doom, hc, and metallic hc. I'm a huge hc fan as well, so the influences stand out, but it is there with both the vocals and music. I guess think Obituary with traces of metallic hc thrown into the pot. However, Obscene aren't an Obituary clone and there is enough they do to create their own sound. Simply put, a good piece of death metal, which yes has influences from other areas, but that isn't a bad thing. I like it, and its beautiful when those amalgamations are woven together. Its like I'm stood at front of the pit waiting for my mosh. I want my work out, and Obscene deliver.

Down tuned, grimy, sewer trenched riffs coupled with an atmosphere that takes hold of your ears and says ok you want to mosh? Do you want something unfiltered, unpolished and retains the stench? Sermon To The Snake answers these questions. The pace isn't the fastest on some tracks, but it does not detract from the overall vibe of the EP. As I'm sat writing this review, I need a poo. I just eat some more Christmas cake, and upon hearing the EP, I was like;
'Oh man, I'm going to be breaking the barrier if I don't go in a mo.'

It induced the urge in me to drop, as I became very stoked listening to Sermon To The Snake. I don't care if its metal, hc punk, or underground hip hop. I want to be made to feel that I'm going to drop depth chargers in my pants due to the feelings the music conveys. Genuine music should make you feel like this, and Sermon To The Snake succeeds. Its the excitement and emotion when you are saying to yourself whoa, man, just man. That kind of feeling.

Torture Tranquillity would of been the track I'd have featured on The Wastelands Radio. Sermon To The Snake is a promising EP and leaves me wondering how the follow up is going to sound, which of course is a good thing. If you are a looking for a band that just gets down to it, then Obscene doesn't disappoint. The sound draws from old school dm, doom, hc, and metallic hc.  

Raw, direct, and to the point. When I can think of a rating system, I'll introduce one for reviews, but for now, Sermon To The Snake would of been a hyper inducing moment on The Wastelands, and as noted earlier, its helped me relieve myself of Christmas cake. Sweaty stenchy mosh, which should not be slept on. 

Sermon To The Snake is released on Jan, 18th, 2018, so be sure to pre-order it.


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