Hey all I've just returned from the movie theatre where I went to watch The Last Jedi. I'm struggling to write non emotionally, but truth be told I do love Star Wars as much as I've tried to play it down since The Force Unawakens, and I think this is why I'm just so disappointed and sad.

I posted 2 blogs this week describing how I was feeling and my sense of fear regarding how bad The Last Jedi could be. Despite my reservations, there was a part of me that really did think I'd see those fears blown out the water. It really does suck when the latest instalment of an iconic movie series is that bad. Make no mistake, it is one terrible movie. 

When I write up the review, I'll try to list what I did like, and to be truthful there are only 2 things I liked in the entire movie, maybe 3 at a stretch. That's it. Yes really. If there are more I'll list them, if I can think of any.

I can sum up The Last Jedi as a polished turd that looks nice on the surface, but underneath its still a turd. It was like watching a Transformers movie in the Star Wars universe. Big action sequences and forgettable characters with awful acting.

3/10 rating. Full review coming soon.

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