ATOMWINTER are back with their third album Catacombs, which is due for release on the 9th February, 2018. I will state right from the start, I enjoyed the album from start to finish, and it made me very, very hyper, so expect nerdness. Catacombs introduces us to their world with a great starting point, which builds up anticipation and suspense, and is like the beginning of a classic horror movie. I thought this really worked well and had me curious, especially when the guitars chimed in. I was just foaming at my mouth and saying;
'do it, do it now, go!'  

I also pointed in a mosh manner towards my window saying;

The artwork also supports the atmosphere and horror theme of Catacombs. It is a good example of the obvious communication between the artist and band. An interesting design, which embodies everything contained within ATOMWINTER'S music. Imagine those old school horror movies or indie film releases. The artwork is like the entrance to that world and ATOMWINTER are playing the soundtrack.

Catacombs is classic old school dm with powerful unmerciless vocals and catchy guitars played to a solid standard in rhythm with the lead singer/growler. I really enjoyed the album, and if you haven't guessed, it invoked my imagination whilst the mosh fury played in my mind. There is no filler with Catacombs, its fast, thrashy, and mosh worthy. What also helps the LP, is the balance with mosh and track arrangement. The majority of it is just a sweaty armpit fest, but there are some slower death doom parts. However, they serve up the atmosphere perfectly, hooking the listener in, and keeping you locked on the journey through ATOMWINTER'S Catacombs. Catacombs is what I want with death metal, to the point and mosh worthy. The atmosphere is an added bonus, which complements the album. Once again, I find myself in nerd world, thinking I'm running through crypts whilst undead Jared the angry miner is chasing me, because I accidentally knocked over his flask of coffee. There is another important fact to consider, which sells Catacombs. I wasn't bored when I was listening to the last few tracks. It held my attention. No track skipping.

The new year is starting well for death metal and its helping save our dollars/pounds from gym memberships. Work out to this kind of music instead of chip munk auto tunes at Sammy's Fitness Zone. 

Its hard to pick a favorite track, but what I did like throughout the album were the guitars, fast riffs, pace, powerful speedy doom vibes, strong vocals, and the overall mood. Everything I desired was present on Catacombs, and there is no boredom to be found with the LP. The guys knew what they wanted to create, and it shines through the music. I'd have played ATOMWINTER frequently on The Wastelands. I think I did play the earlier releases on the show before it went on hiatus. I still don't have a rating system in place for reviews, but I'd like to say more than 'this is really good', so I can do Catacombs justice. Go listen, see if you hear what I do. An LP worthy of investing your valuable time and deserves to be part of mosh collections world wide. 

Catacombs is released by the label Trollzorn through Soulfood and AFM Records on the 9th February, 2018.

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