Configa & HaStyle - Wut You Got (Underground Hip Hop)

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We present to you the second single taken from the release: Configa & HaStyle Present - "The Calm Before HaStility EP". The EP is available to order NOW via iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. We fully appreciate your continued support so far and make sure you look out for the "HaStility" LP coming later this year!!

"Yeah, this is how we do right here, ya know, Configa on the beat, HaStyle on the rhyme - You can't beat that, it's that crack right there. REAL hip-hop. It's underground, it's none of that mainstream stuff but you know you're gonna like it.

Better than that other sh*t you listen to." Produced by - Configa Beats (@Configa on Twitter) Vocals - HaStyle Rhymes Track Mixed and Mastered by - E. Blaize Video Shot by - YTHunter, L.I.F.E Long and HaStyle Rhymes Video Edited by - Nick Light Color Grading by Scott O'Malley for Guerillapress
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