Deca's 2017 release, The Way Through was something that I recently came across on Bandcamp. Its lo-fi and down tempo beats with mellow dreamscape vibes. Deca's flow is also laid back, which complements the music. Normally, I gravitate towards aggressive flows, dark grimy beats. Its real hip hop, but I'm just explaining that the lighter flows/beats are usually something I skip, but with that being said, there are still enough softer flowing music and beats that I enjoy and appreciate with underground hip hop.

As with all conscious hip hop, there is a positive message, and I'd probably listen to Deca whilst studying or sat in thought searching for inspiration.

Mammon's Mantra has a sci-fi element within the music and lryics, which made me imagine I was stood on the bridge of a starship gazing out into the vast great void of scape and wondering what planets are out there.

I didn't quite like the tracks Milk, 6th and A, or the album titled track The Way Through, but Eternity's Sunshine picked the LP back up and delivered some nice beats.
The Way Through is a solid conscious album, although I wasn't crazy on the tracks after Mammon's Mantra until Eternity's Sunshine chimed in. The LP isn't to the point of being to soft where it falls into RnB territory, but the album is relaxing and thought provoking.

The Way Through is recommend for those who enjoy down tempo beats, 90s chilled vibes, mellow and thought provoking lyrics, and clean distinguishable flows that are easy on the ear.

In closing, a good album with just a few off tracks. 

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