Escape Is Not Freedom/dusK Village Split (Sludge/Rock, released Feb, 23rd, 2018)

Escape Is Not Freedom (members from Arctic Sleep), who are releasing a self-titled split cassette with dusK Village (members from Rabies Caste, KESSEF, Tangorodrim) set to be released on February 23, 2018.

Hailing from Chicago, Escape Is Not Freedom will be releasing a split with fellow sludge/rock trio dusK Village on February 23, 2018. 

Escape Is Not Freedom:

Mike - guitar, vocals

Darrin - drums

Josh - bass

Guest Vocals on “We’re Wrecked” by Emily Jancetic

dusK Village:


Track listing:

    Boiling Nails - Escape Is Not Freedom

    We’re Wrecked - Escape Is Not Freedom

    Exolife Civilization Leak - dusK Village

    A Self Fan- dusK Village

Escape Is Not Freedom

I always try to write regarding what I hear with an artist's music and ignore name dropping bands if I can. It works better in my opinion, I'm not influenced by any other writing or what someone has told me, and it gives the band a fresh approach from my own perspective. Escape Is Not Freedom (this is the first time I've ever heard the band), contain sludge, grunge, and alternative rock traits.

Boiling Nails
The opening guitars and meaty riffs with Boiling Nails are very infectious and grew on me the more I listened. I'd probably go running or skating to this type of sound as its heavy enough, but also has a regular rhythm I can match, so its ideal for skating. I would have preferred the vocals to be angrier or harsher, and the few mellow parts in Boiling Nails could have been left out the song, so it would of been a fiercer sound. However, Boiling Nails is the best song on the split, and I've never heard any other material from Escape Is Not Freedom, so I'm curious to compare previous works with the new tracks.

We're Wrecked
We're Wrecked is a song that may not immediately grab the listener, but does indeed grow on you. Emily Jancetic's guest vocals are very beautiful and I think she could (or maybe already has?) sing in a multitude of genres ranging from lighter styles of hip hop, folk, goth, and acoustic. She adds a melancholy feel to the song, which isn't really music I'd listen to, but I can appreciate it, and recognise the craft pertaining to both the musicians and singer.

I'd like to see Escape Is Not Freedom collaborate with Emily again, or work on a dark gothic doom ish song with big riffs and haunting vocals. Just a thought that popped into my mind when I was listening. It has a sombre tone and is an emotional piece of music.

Escape Is Not Freedom are the band I prefer from the split. I'm not sure if it is music I would regularly come back to again and again, but they seem to not be afraid of experimenting, which is demonstrated by the song We're Wrecked. The guitars interchange nicely, the drumming is good, and the vocals on Boiling Nails are good, although not my personal style.

dusK Village

Exolife Civilization Leak
The second half of the split features two tracks from the band dusK Village and unfortunately I didn't enjoy them. They just didn't quite hold me, but Exolife Civilization Leak was the song I liked the most from their side. The title suggests a possible sci-fi influence, which is cool. A rad concept, and can imagine some beast or creature perhaps escaping a capsule on Earth or somewhere else. The vocals are stronger on this song and flow with the fierce riffs, but it is a little slow for my own preferences, but I think fans of bands such as these guys will really enjoy dusK Village. Its kinda a mix of sludge, grunge, and noise rock.

A Self Fan
A Self Fan is certainly more punkish and played to a quicker tempo, but sadly it just seems to lose me. dusK Village do play in time and have taken considerable effort to flow together. The vocals are not powerful enough to hold my attention, which I thought maybe would have fared better with more furious guitar riffs. 

The split isn't a bad piece of music by any means and as usual it does come down to personal taste. With that being said, I tried to share with you all what I did like or could recognise with both bands, so hopefully I gave a sense of the sounds and vibe with the music. I'd still help both bands regardless of what I like/dislike with the music, and if The Wastelands was active, I'd have featured them both on the show.

If you are a fan of grungy noise rock mixed with sludge, then you will be ecstatic with the split, and I would recommend it, but I'm not sure if fans outside those areas will appreciate it.

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