Raaaaa! Its another nice raw musical assault, this time its Galvanizer's turn to step up and induce a hyper excited outburst. Galvanizer are a death grind band from Finland and embody all the classic traits of no frills death metal mixed with grinding riffs. The opening track clearly states this an album for those that like a nice smelly sweaty album, which has been designed for mosh, and mosh alone.

Is it fit for purpose? Yeah Spartacus would be galvanised to mosh to Galvanizer for sure. Ya know, I'm a silly idiot that always becomes very, very stoked when I hear something, which is fast, raw, and very mosh focused. Yup, I'm there again. At the moment I want to go skate down a big air whilst I say aloud;

I can hear bits of an Autopsy vibe, but the album is mainly hyper paced old school dm fused with death grind, and its awesome. Simply put folks, if you are fan of fast stripped down relentless pummelling mosh, then you know what you are getting. For those that aren't, then this probably isn't an album for your ears.

Ok, X-Games starts this week, I think I have my ideal soundtrack.  

Sanguine Vigil is released on February, 26th, on Everlasting Spew Records.



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