Interview with Tralineate done by Patrick posted on 1-27-18

1,Hello how  are  things going  with you  these  days?Please introduce  yourself  to  the readers?

Hey, things are going good thanks. Yeah, my name is Chris Sanders. I am the sole member of Tralineate and I'm just a dude that loves metal.

2.When did you first become interested  in playing the  guitars and  are you  self taught or did you take  lessons when first  starting out?

I first picked up guitar when I was around 17 or so but never really got all that serious about it until a couple years ago. I'm self taught, I picked up the things I know just by messing around trying to learn songs that I like. The idea of lessons and possible homework never appealed to me though. However these days, I really wish that I would've. There's still a lot that I could learn. Thankfully, YouTube exists! Lol.

3.Who would you say  are some of your  influences  and favorite  guitarists?

Fleshgod, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Disincarnate, Lamb of God, Danzig, stuff like that, the list could go on for a while. Lol. James Murphy, Dimebag, and John Christ were probably the biggest influences on me wanting to play guitar though. Those guys are all kings. Joe Haley, Mark Morton, and Willie Adler all write some great stuff as well. 

4.You  also  handle  the vocals for the band when did you first  start singing and growling?Do you  do  anything special to  keep your  voice and throat healthy?

I started doing vocals as kind of a fluke. Tried out for my first band back in like 93 and the growl just kinda came naturally. I've never worked on it or done anything special. I've actually probably done all the wrong things as far as that's concerned. Lol. Smoked cigarettes for years and I still drink pop like it's going out of style and it's been almost 10 years since I've done vocals on a semi regular basis. It's weird. When it's time to do it, I just do it. 

5.When  did you  first  get the idea  to  start  Tralineate?And who  would you  say  are  Tralineate biggest  influences?

The idea for another solo project had been in my head for a while but the idea as it exists right now only came to reality a little over a year ago. Really the same influences as I mentioned before but also my life. I try and reflect what I feel or what I'm going through within my songs.

6.How long did  it take you to  write  the music on the debut release Ike Antz Leap?

Well, five of the songs were from a previous project that just needed reworked and polished up. And then some of the rest had been written in pieces over the course of the last few years and a couple of them were written late last summer. Some of them, like the title track for instance, came together really quickly like in a single shot and others required a bit more work.

7.Where can the readers  buy your debut  release?Besides the debut release  do you  have any other  merchandise available for the readers to  buy?

Right now, it's only available in digital format on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon and it's available for streaming on Spotify. Hopefully I will have hard copy CDs very soon. I've also got plans for T-shirts in the near future. 

8.Chris  you are the  sole member ofTralineate do you prefer to  work  alone or would you  like to find new musicians  to make a full line up?

I like working alone mostly. I do miss working with other band members but the current situation fits my life pretty good and that'll probably be that way for a while. I will probably recruit some friends to help me play some shows though.


9.Besides  metal  do you  listen to  any other forms of underground music?If yes what are your  favorite  genres  and who are some of your favorite  bands and  artists?
Not too much, but I do like something different every now and then. Woodkid is pretty cool. His song Iron has one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. And some good flamenco always hits the spot. Strunz and Farah are amazing. Oh, and Igorrr. That might be kinda metal, but it's so weird and awesome. I love that stuff. 
10.Besides  working in  Tralineate  do you currenlty  work with any other  projects or  bands?If yes please tell the readers a little  about them?
Nope, nothing else right now. I don't have the time. My work schedule doesn't really let me have a social life. Lol. 
11.I know  you  have  been a  part of the underground  scene  since the mid 90's  how do you  feel the underground scene  has  changed over the years?
I don't know. I suppose it's changed a little bit. Here where I live, there's always somebody doing something. There's not as many local shows like there used to be but there are still shows. There's no shortage of new bands and there's still always pretty good crowds at the big shows that come through. It's definitely easier to share the music these days which is cool. 
12.When you  need to take a  break from writing music or  band business  what  do you  enjoy doing in your  free time?
Fishing, woodworking, and hanging out with my family mainly. Sometimes just sitting around watching TV with the family is what I need to get centered. 
13.Thank you  Chris  for taking the time to fill this  interview out  do you have  any final  words for the  readers?
Yeah, no problem. And thank you for reaching out, I appreciate the opportunity! I hope everybody will take a second and go check out the album and hopefully I'll catch you all again soon! Stay metal!
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